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  1. I've been using the "Lighthouse Power Management" but this is my actual problem at the time, I've send my base stations to repair at some points to HTC vive but when they came back home, their full ID written on the back completely change, at that point I cannot even control them on phone that's why I was trying to communicate with HTC vive support themselves but they just keep saying "The ID didnt changed cause the station werent replaced" but they did tho and now I just cant interact with them I got picture of the base stations of the back if you need, the ID's are written on it but they are not the right ones since then :/
  2. For the full body tracking in game which I've used quite often.
  3. For the headset I'm using the Oculus quest 2 as I've been told the base station works with (which it does) at first the bluetooth were functionnal through SteamVR but after a while it doesnt anymore, so I dunno if the vive linkbox would work with it ?
  4. No I'm afraid, cause in the bluetooth settings it says "Bluetooth is not available" I've tried a lot of things to fix that up but I cant find anything related to that, or a lot of topics are left without response 😕
  5. Hello, I'm posting here cause I'm completely clueless, and I didnt find anywhere to look for that but I'm going to explain my problem here, I apologise in advance if a similar topic exist as I may have missed it ... My problem is the following : I've had issues with my base stations as they were not synchronising each other correctly, I've been told to sent them to repair and they did, they now synchronise perfectly, problem is, I cannot access them through the phone with bluetooth cause the ID that is written on the back of the stations are not the same anymore, I have only 6 digits appearing instead of the whole ID and without that, impossible to link them to put them on sleep mode (well except by unpluging them manually but yeah...) I tried asking the support, but none of them were able to redirect me, or getting an answer on how I could get that full base station ID, because since it got repaired, the ID completely changed (for some reasons) Is there a way to find it ?
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