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  1. I uploaded video file as attachment (NAS server is in maintenance) 1474762065_SRWorks2021-04-1411-27-01.mp4
  2. I've kept getting a white screen when I launch a camera-related feature with SR Works. (I tried both SRWorks default sample project, Compiled source code with 2019 LTS version of Unity) Video: AIRTAXI (kagamine-rin.com) I tried to address this issue below: 1. Installed clean build of Windows 10 and tried the same thing again. tried both Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home. 2. Removed all Vive USB Driver and re-installed them through Steam VR Developer Settings 3. Used OpenComposite instead of SteamVR (Not worked though, it keeps showing error with error code -3001) 4.
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