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  1. Woah, $4000 on VR stuff and + $2,900 for a rtx 3090 to go along with it. Consider me jelly right now, but I am happy with my rtx 2080ti still, so still good for a few years or so! Do you think I should get the valve index headset as well? I know that I will be needing to go through my own pocket in sending it over for RMA to the EU or US if anything goes wrong since its not officially supported in Australia so they wont do pre-labels without charge, but I will know for sure that it will replaced guarantee with valve. What is your opinion on this?
  2. Well thats because you havent had issues yet, since things are going smoothly for you. Me and others like me on the other hand that has issues would be posting around about our negative experiences when things are unsolved, you would understand our frustration. I actually have the index controllers and actually had issues with them before and valve replaced them when I sent mine back in with no hassles at all. The difference I see here with valve and htc/vive, is that valve replaces things when there are issues with them, even if they can't determine the fault on their end they still do an
  3. I'm happy for you that your device is working properly for over a year! Mine only lasted 4 months until it started to develop issues and having other issues with vive products prior to that. I was thinking of getting a index headset or full kit instead of a quest 2, but knowing valves poor quality control I chose not to.
  4. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this as myself I am quite annoyed, so I want to express my concerns about Vives service centre and product quality. This may be a little long so please bear with me as I need to state everything here. I have had my Vive pro for around 5 months now. Within the first 1-2 months, 1 of my vive tracker would not charge properly, since 1 of the trackers port is faulty. I went back to my retailer to get it sent to HTC/Vive for a replacement. It came back after 3 weeks and now has been working ever since. Forwarding to 3 month mark of ow
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