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  1. thank you marsi0574. that was my guess as well. they should give this info in the vive chat. so I will take it apart as well and hv a look. I hv three headset. all of them green pixel on the right eye. one died now....only red light. tried everything u can think of. thx for the motivation. I hv to fix it. I live on a small pacific island and I bought all three headsets in 2016. what a poor quality.......
  2. i hv the same problem with three vive.......unbelievable.....checked everything.......
  3. I have three vive. they all have this dots. wtf??? unwired of coz and everything else.....it is unbelievable....
  4. hello guys. u wont believe it....I reactivated my three VIVEs.....ALL of them have this problem.....I bought them all in 2016. checked EVERYTHING. makes me superangry.....they all had no issues....but one after the other started to make problems....I cleaned displays, checked all cables and so on. New driver and so on and on. yesterday I moved the good lenses to my first headset, which was working fine until NOW.....I thought, OK, at least one VIVE is working and I can enjoy hl alyx and some cool titles. I bought MANYYYY titles..........and now??????? Im stu
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