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  1. I'm hoping someone can help a complete novice. I've developed various successful projects for the Quest adapting the basic templates in Unreal 4.25 but am now having to create new projects for the Vive Focus Plus. Have got the WaveVR plug-in working fine now after numerous issues & can build a test scene fine. The issue I am having now is replicating a grip/attach mechanic similar to the BP_Pickup_Cube in the VR template. It wouldn't matter through which button/trigger press, I just want to get it working. It can be either a direct grip/grab on overlap or through a a sh
  2. Fixed. After following the installation guide, I think I misread the instructions. Copying the plug in into the project folder has resulted in no errors & successful test build.
  3. Am using Unreal 4.25.1 and Wave SDK 3.2.0 on Win10. VIVE Focus Plus I am a very amateur developer - have been forced into it with very limited coding or in-depth technical knowledge so please bear this in mind when replying... the simplest terminology is greatly appreciated! Have followed the steps to integrate Wave SDK 3.2.0 into Unreal but it fails to either build (headset attached or without) or cast to the Focus Plus HMD through DirectPreview. Every time I attempt to build (am using the the hellovr sample to test) it fails with the attached errors referring to WVRDirectPrevi
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