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  1. Hi, could you please provide a full step video tutorial? It is more friendly for beginners. Thanks~
  2. Hi, it is weired that the devices did not provide the raw data of the eye-tracking. So what do I buy this device for? Just for some eyemovement video? Forgive my questions, because I am a rookie, I connected the unity sample eyemovement but can not find where the eyemovement data is stored.
  3. Hi, but actually I contacted the VIVE seller, she said Tobii did not provide the licenses for HTC VIVE Pro Eye anymore even you paid. I would like to ask two questions: 1. After I tested the Eyesample in the unity with HTC VIVE Pro Eye, the avatar successfully followed my eye's movement, and the SRanipalRuntime showed green color, so how can I find the raw data of eye movement? 2. Based on Tobii did not provide the license anymore, do you have any recommendation for the eye-tracking data analysis? Thanks.
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