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  1. Hello, We are using the OpenVR SDK to develop a program that displays video on the VIVE Pro. If we run our program immediately after launching SteamVR, it can be displayed without any problem. However, when ROOM SETUP is performed after starting SteamVR and then our program is executed, the following error occurs and the app terminated abnormally. Does anyone know the cause of this error and the countermeasures? [Error message] Thread 9 "sample_openvr" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 0x7fffbc4a8700 (LWP 6169)] 0x00007ffff42c1ad8 in LfMute
  2. Hello, I'm writing a program to work with VIVE pro using the OpenVR SDK. Currently, there is a problem with the attitude information received from the HMD by GetDeviceToAbsoluteTrackingPose() or WaitGetPoses() of the OpenVR SDK. Specifically, the axis of posture that can be taken with GetDeviceToAbsoluteTrackingPose() may change. For example, the pitch angle may be inverted, or the pitch and roll may be swapped. Even with the same source code, different phenomena occur depending on the execution environment. Does anyone know the cause of these phenomena? Development envi
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