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  1. Not sure what is going on...as I understand it, CapSenseGrip should return the value of the Grip trigger on Quest, is this correct? Instead I am getting values from X axis of joystick. Unity 2020.3.3.f1 VIU XR Plugin Management 4.0.5 Oculus XR Plugin 1.8.1 I am using the old input system from Unity.
  2. @chengnayOculus App Version ( SteamVR 1.16.8 deviceClass: Controller serialNumber: 1PASH9A55N9485_Controller_Right modelNumber: Quest (Right Controller) renderModelName: oculus_quest_controller_right Line 235 in VRModuleBase.cs is hit in the switch statement when assigning device. deviceState.deviceModel = VRModuleDeviceModel.OculusTouchRight; Looks like the logic assumes either Touch or Rift S?
  3. @chengnayThanks! Tested and can confirm it fixes the Joystick issue and the unknown device model issue. However, I am not getting Quest (Right Controller) though, instead I get deviceModel name = OculusTouchRight interestingly though, renderModelName = oculus_quest_controller_right
  4. I looked into things a bit further. When I enable the Oculus Plugin in XR Plugin Management, I do get the device names. However, I can no longer open the SteamVR overlay using the menu button. I am guessing this is because it finds and loads the Oculus Plugin first, is this correct? That in this case it is not running SteamVR? When not enabling Oculus Plugin and just enabling OpenVR, I get device names for Touch controllers (when testing on the rift), but not Quest controllers (when testing on Quest using Oculus Link). This is a problem for joystick input, as joystick input is not working, and I can't hack a temporary workaround because the game doesn't know it is using a Quest controller at runtime (query returns "unknown"). This is also an issue for applying correct controller offsets...at least I have not found a good solution to account for controller offsets on SteamVR other than by looking at device name, which I cannot do for Quest.
  5. @chengnayI have SteamVR Unity Plugin installed -> SteamVR Unity Plugin - v2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) ...Sorry I forgot to include in my last reply. Rift joysticks have correct values. Just not Quest controllers when running through Oculus Link. Additionally, when I query the device model, I get "unknown" for the controllers. VRModule.GetDeviceState(ViveRole.GetDeviceIndexEx(m_handRole)).deviceModel;
  6. @chengnay XR Plugin Manager 4.0.1 Oculus XR Plugin 1.8.1 OpenVR XR Plugin 1.1.4 Oculus Integration 25.0 In XR Plugin Management I do not have Oculus Loader checked, but do have OpenVR loaded checked. I don't want Oculus checked as then I can't access the Steam Overlay through the menu buttons. Thanks,
  7. ViveInput.GetAxis(HandRole.rightHand, ControllerAxis.JoystickX) works as expected on Index and Rift. However, on Quest running on OpenVR through Oculus Link the values are always 0. I looked into a work around solution by checking the deviceModel, but that is returning unknown for Quest controllers. Unity 2020.2.7f1 VIU 1.12.2
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