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  1. Hello all, In between 2 play sessions with my HTC Vive, I picked up the headset and noticed that there are nearly symmetrical scratches, or gashes, or smudges? See pics, 2 for each lens. They appear to be BEHIND the lens. Notice how where the lens is in focus, the smudge goes out of focus. It's only when I focus behind the lens, that I see the scratch. It almost looks like they're on the screens themselves? Also note that they're the same shape, direction, size, etc. I seriously hope that it's not the screen, pixels can't be repaired, I'd imagine. I'm not entirely sure what to do; it's beyond its warranty, and given other experiences, repair is likely to cost more than a new headset altogether (grumble). I'm not going to throw it away, tech waste bothers me. But before I undertake a DIY repair, I want to know 2 things: 1 - Has anybody else experienced this? Is it fixable? 2 - How did this happen? Between these two play sessions nothing notable happened that caused any damage that I'm aware of. A friend of mine dropped it the day before (%#$^!), but the scratch showed up a couple of play sessions later, and appears to be unrelated. I'm very confused. Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you,
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