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  1. @Lemur in the exact same situation for 20 days any help will be great
  2. Tried didnt work 😞 , is there a way to update via sd card, can some one share the file
  3. I got a new HTC vive focus plus , the controller didnt pair to the hmd out of the box (its wierd issue the controller pairs with the headset but the UI doesnt change in the headset ). tried cache clearance and factory reset . can some one share the url or upgrade file for the firmware . I got this device 20 days ago all i see is pair your controller screen , The support team guided me here, Please help
  4. got a new focus plus delivered on 2nd of march , the controllers were not getting displayed in the hmd during pairing and hence was not able to do anything . tried troubleshooting using factory reset etc , it was not useful , the device is locked so ADB was not helpful ,is there a way to upgrade the firmware using the sd card option ? tried reaching couple of support teams ,they routed me here . is there any way to unlock the device ?
  5. i got a new vive focus plus , the controllers are not getting paired ,am not able to do a factory reset . i cant do anything with the device any way to trouble shoot using a pc ? this is a enterprise version
  6. @Yash Bafna were you able to fix this issue? I just bought a new focus plus its not pairing with its controller at all 😞 tried all the above
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