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  1. We want to make our VR project compatible with Focus 3. I created a "Plugins" folder in my project folder and copied the WaveVR plugin folder over to there, per these instructions: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/UnrealPluginGettingStart.html Our plan is to run the game on a Windows computer and stream the content to the Focus 3 via wi-fi or a USB cable, so I did not bother with the Android steps in the instructions. I went into Edit > Project Settings > Inputs, and added Focus 3 controller inputs to the Quest and Index inputs that were already in there. I packaged for Windows because, as I mentioned, I will not be side-loading this to the Focus. We'll be streaming the content from a PC to the headset. The packaging failed. I've attached the log. Any help would be appreciated. UBT-AVRIL-Win64-Shipping_2.txt
  2. I figured it out. The binding step appears to no longer works for the Trackers in 4.25+ which in affect eliminates all the "Special" input sources. For Input Source in UE, choose one of the sources that start with "Tracker_". This should match the roles you can chose for the Tracker in SteamVR. Then, in the SteamVR settings, select the Tracker role that matches the Input Source you selected in UE. You can skip the whole binding part of the process shown above. This is not documented anywhere in HTC or in Epic Games so it would be cool if you guys did that.
  3. I watched to video above but when I click the "Edit" button for current binding, nothing happens. Also, nothing happens if I click the Create New Binding button. I'm I doing something wrong? SteamVR 1.18.7 and UE 4.26.2 Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to simply get the Vive Tracker to show up in UE. I'm following the instructions in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJcnVNF6zIU Seems straight forward but, after setting the current controller to Vive Tracker on Camera, when I click "Edit" under Current Binding, nothing happens (image attached). If I change the current controller to the Vive Controller or Index Controller, I can click Edit and it works. I only does not work for the Vive Tracker. This means I can't set the pose on the Vive Tracker to match to input source in UE. Is there something I need to do to unlock the binding settings? I'm on SteamVR 1.18.7 and UE 4.26.2. Thanks in advance.
  5. When I use the Focus node (image 1), the eye tracking seems to work (image 2). My problem is that the Focus node only returns the hit actor. I need it to return the component(s) within the actor. This can be done with a Line Trace node, so I used the gaze origin and gaze target to set up a line trace (image 3), but I'm having trouble getting it to work (image 4). I know it's user error because the Focus node works. I just can't wrap my head around how to connect the Gaze information nodes to feed the Line Trace node. Any help on how one goes about setting up the Line Trace node in UE, or how to pull the hit component information from the Focus node (or another node) would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. This documentation is completely lacking when it comes to focus and gaze information. The first 5 pages is setup. Then there is only one sentence that refers to the player's focus. Then the next 5 pages are regarding avatar morphs. So if you want to do anything other than make an avatar blink, you're on your own.
  7. SRanipal version:, Unreal Engine version: 4.26.1, Headset: VIVE Pro Eye. If I set the Project Settings to Enable Eye by Default (Image 1), and then set a basic blueprint to print some data (Image 2), it works fine (Image 3). But if I turn off the Enable Eye by Default in the Project Settings and then try to start it using the Start Eye Framework node (Image 4), it doesn't seem to work (Image 5). What's weird is that the Get Gaze Data node is still returning "True", but the actual data seems to be frozen (Image 5 again). I assume it's user error so any tips would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. So if I just wanted the gaze information, I shouldn't bother with Version 2, correct?
  9. Sorry if this is a repeat, I looked through the forum and didn't see this asked. I'm using SRanipal SDK in Unreal. When I start the Eye Framework, I can choose between Version 1 and Version 2. Wondering if someone can tell me the difference. Thanks.
  10. I believe you calibrate the headset in the SteamVR menu, not in UE. Press the systems menu button below the trackpad to open the SteamVR menu. Then select the VIVE Pro Eye button in the lower part and select calibrate. This should run you through the calibration process where you follow the little blue dot with your eye. Hope that helps.
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