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  1. @chengnay Yes, I just tested on VIU Example 0. Tutorial scene. All other pins are working, expect trigger.
  2. @chengnayHey, I am using Unity 2019.4.17f. And yes, trigger is not working at all. GetPress, GetAxis nor GetTrigger.
  3. Hello, I am using HTC Vive Trackers, VIU 1.12.2, SteamVR 2.7.4. I am trying to get data when trigger is pressed by connecting pin 1 to pin 4, but I am not getting logs. It is working and logging data for all other pins correctly, only pin 4/trigger is one not working. I have tested and checked that all pins are working correctly in SteamVR test mode. This is my current code to log all tracker data for debug purposes only: foreach (TrackerRole track in Enum.GetValues(typeof(TrackerRole))) { foreach (ControllerButton item in Enum.GetValue
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