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  1. As a side note, I can run the following ADB command to start up the shell, and therefore exit Kiosk Mode, but my preference would be without ADB. i.e. consumer end. adb shell monkey -p com.htc.vrs.launcher -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1
  2. My Focus 3 is currently in a state where I can not hold the headset (side) power button to bring up the menu, nor can I navigate to the Library/Settings to access the factory reset option the standard way. The longer version of the story: Kiosk Mode is enabled, however the single app that is continuously loading on device reboot, is preventing the power menu from appearing, hence why we're unable to hold down the power button to bring up the 'Exit Kiosk Mode' option. Is there a button combination on the headset to quit Kiosk Mode, or to bring up a system menu (before the Shell loads) to factory reset? Thank you.
  3. It seems the only way to close the current app is to use the home Button and select Home/Library/Store. Any plans to implement a quit button to return back to the previous activity?
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