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  1. Yep, I use these - own 2 infact, and regardless of their charge, and either one I use, I still experience the constant rebooting. I have tried a total of 3 USB cables that conenct the battery to the adapter, and all give the same issue. However from a VIVE console report I've sent, a team member emailed back to me with a list of diagnostic steps. I'll see if any of them work, and if so report here.
  2. It works flawlessly wired. Also woah!!!! Wired looks SOOOOOOOOOO much better than wireless!!!! The increased resolution, colour, detail, less blur, and also zero latency! WOAH! I considered going cable, and using hooks, but then after playing gorilla tag, I noticed not being able to turn in real life is a massive pain. Also, the cable is super uncomfortable. VIVE, if you continue pcvr headsets, also prioritise upgrading wireless hardware massively! Also make sure that the batteries are compatible, and don't make it absurdly priced.
  3. The technology that lets you send wirelessly low latency extremely high information (high resolution, high refresh rate, high accuracy) is Intel's WiGig: A form of internet that is exceptionally fast, though is short-range, and can't penetrate. WiGig for VR seems to have been made 2 years ago, which in terms of computers, is aging -- the 2080ti was 2 years ago. Now there's the supremely beefier 3090. WiGig is however a new technology, meaning that the Wireless solution VIVE uses, is considered old, and there is likely a much better way of transmitting data, or an upgrade to WiGig that hasn
  4. Probably because the wireless tech is hardware limited, as it's a fairly new and now rather old technology. No solution.
  5. cant be bothered to search through the logs sorry, but here's the file from when I started a game, where the headset restarted like 6 times in the span on 24 seconds. this would include personal info, but idk how in the hell to report the file to the vive people securely, and really am like super demotivated for anything because of this ruthless uncurable issue vive has seemingly created aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.txt
  6. shouldnt be gpu because with my wireless cosmos elite and a rtx 3070, I get the exact issue as you shouldnt be hardware issue because when I first got the headset, it was working perfect for a while. as I think it should be a software issue, when I'm bothered to do so, I'll go to device manager when my headset is powered on and connected, and do the thing where you make sure each usb device does not have usb power management enabled. If that can't fix it, I could only assume the vives updates broke the device, seeing as people are getting this issue from a month ago, and now it's a constan
  7. Yes that's just about the same issue I face - some days the issue doesn't exist, is not too bad, only comes on 1.5hours into play, or is often, making vr unusable. Though it seems you get low fps and a stuttery screen on these crashes, but you mention restarting - which is what happens to me: stuttery for a second or something, then a complete headset restart. I know this because my small fan attached to the headset, turns off during these resets - meaning the headset is not getting/using any power. Also don't worry about your language! Mate, imo, as long as you can communicate - as
  8. Sure. when should I create the report? before, during, or after the whole restarting phase?
  9. Nevermind. Getting the same literally unbelievably infuraiting issue again, where the headset constantly turns on and off, and steamvr has a seisure saying each time I need to update my headset (which btw is a glitch; when it does update, it's always an instant "wireless receiver" one) The fact I'm getting these beyond unusable/playable often, and as are many other people, whom get them with zero help/answer, is put simply, is a massive issue (note how I'm not using too strong words, to avoid getting censored) Screw implemeting pass through - just please, get your bloody product work
  10. I've replaced my usb-usba cable for my wireless receiver first with a: usba-usbc-usbc-usbc female-usba, and that seems to have fixed it so far And I recently purchased a usb-a to usb-a, however it only does 5GB/s https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00P0E3954/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Any which way, both cable solutions seems to have fixed my device constantly resetting so far 🙂 Frajs, I'd guess you also have cable damaged. Get a response from HTC and perhaps request an entire new set of cables under warranty, and argue with shipping costs, until hopefully
  11. Please explain what you mean by the trouble was the cable? I'm having the same issue, where my wireless cosmos elite just restarts often for 40second sessions. Immensely infuriating and I can't really play vr till it's fixed
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, but yeah I already have a good 40mm push fan on it going audibly fast, and it keeps temps at or below 50 c. So receiver thermals is not the issue
  13. I'm using the cosmos elite wireless with a capable computer. The basestations are certainly set up well enough; previously VR was basically flawless (some crash type stuff due to old wireless tech). And the WiGig signal sender thingy (that connects to the computer) is set up well. Playing any game, I'll play for 3 minutes, +-120 (it's very inconsistent), and then the screen turns gray, I get no sound, controllers seem to disconnect from the game, the headset loses power (black screen; no power), and then after 1-3 seconds the headset boots back up, until either it works, or does this whol
  14. This explains you have >=1 option for adapters The oculus rift s is indeed a different headset and your cosmos is more resource demanding, but I imagine you'd get the same results from this video.
  15. with a 3070, 5900x, 32gb ram, and steamvr on m.2 and games on a modern ssd, I experience similar issues though I suspect it's due to the wireless hardware being incapable/not good enough (using cosmos elite wireless modded with effective fan cooling for wireless antenna thing (temps stay below 60 celcius!) among other minor mods Playing games, like beat saber, occosainly either: -no sound for a bit -random blue/gray screen -super laggy for a sec then entire headset and controllers restart -extremely stuttery slideshow like visuals for some time But who knows. maybe this is
  16. the cosmos is infamous for being THE WORST headset (and also) the headset with THE WORST tracking ever. The issue is entirely HTC's fault for making a very bad product. The only thing you can do to try and fix this, is to have a bright room with decals and stuff on walls to help the tracking. Though you could also get the "elite" daceplate along with 2 basestations, which measn instead of the headset using cameras to know its position, it uses external high quality VALVE grade tech to get the best tracking there is. But it makes perfect sense also to not want to chuck 800 AUD (!!
  17. Better pass through : D Can't wait for when pass-through is supported to the extent as the VIVE! And stability is always good 🙂 Especially as wireless 'crashes' probably an average of 3 times a play session
  18. Yeah I suspect that'd be due to nvidia drivers. What GPU are you running? I use a 3070 and get issues in vr every now and then, and people report that the 30 series cards are kind of very unstable due to bad drivers. If you have driver issues, first try downloading a more recent beta driver (if there is one)
  19. Somewhat recently the cosmos elite got primitive support for a primitive form of pass-through. I wonder if and when we could hope to expect full pass through support (where pass through activates fast and possibly has better clarity, but most importantly can be used for steamVR's chaperone -- so the cosmos series could have the OG Vive's "tron" chaperone pass through). I really really want this because pass through is an incredibly helpful feature for vr, and it should be a very achieveable feature for htc to implement in their modern headsets. Also, why hasn't the site that shows th
  20. For anyone wondering, there is one! https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/vive-cosmos-software-release-notes-beta-latest/
  21. Same happened to me. I just pressed next and ignored it. I'd assume this is nvidia's wrong-doings because the 30 series seem super beta and pre-mature, seeing as how many times they crash or get poor performance for no good reason
  22. Noone actually explained: tl;dr: the cosmos has cameras which see the controllers; the elite uses a more advanced robust "speed camera" type tracking system. The two can't mix because they aren't designed to be able to mix. The reason the cosmos controllers wouldn't work with the elite variant is because: -The elite uses valve's lighthouse "outside-in" tracking method, which works where 2 basically radars actively look for an invisible (infra-red) light, which would also send some basic location like where the light is produced from. These lighthouses with their new-found info repo
  23. Yeah man I feel really sorry for you, and us customers. We'd outta stay loud and keep telling people to never go for any vive products, unless they found some super cheap deal on Valve's OG VIVE (I say its valve's because it's clear vive can't design headsets. And their stupid "Premium" cosmos ones actually have less features. And are worse. In like every way apart from the resolution, which is so ever marginally better. For your case specifically I'd say hold off for like 3 years so we consumers get much better, lighter, clearer headsets and what-not. But if you can't wait, I'd recc
  24. Recently SteamVR said my cosmos elite had a software/firmware(?) update, and I'm wondering what changed. I noticed previously when the cosmos had a beta there was a changelog posted here (attached below), and wonder if these changelog posts are standard or just are posted every now and then randomly?
  25. As described in this video. See the description of the video for more details. This is a very odd issue, though thankfully the fan does work, meaning this is a solvable problem and likely some simple software thing. The connection is from headset to fan: USB-c male to USB-c female > USB-c male to USB female > USB male (fan). I am using steamVR 1.16.8, and am using BETA of the VIVE console The headset was updated just today via steamVR. It seems this update was shipped today. The fan works flawlessly - the issue is somewhere with the headset/software.
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