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  1. Yep. horrible company for consumers with horrible products. Their cosmos elite is seriously horribly designed in every way possible - just got to think intricately about it (nose piece, comfort material, lesnes, weight distrobution, hinge looseness, lightbleed, bad specs, heat issues, useless cameras, list goes on and on). The pro 2 is disguisting; bad specs, overpriced, evil to make and sell this junk rather than make something actually good, or do what they bloody promised and make modules for the cosmos, so its modularity is no longer a massive lie (which it still is by the way, don't forget that). The wireless is awesome but functions entirely thanks to intel - I can say that for certain because htc made it have horrible thermals - getting to 90c and resulting in major display errors; its a bulky design, easily interrupted by wires, has a short battery life, can't use the massive device to power other stuff like a fan, which by the way is an essential mod The software is horrible; the updates give zero info if they were some false positive or they actually worked; the ipd never bloody works, htc requires multiple softwares just to get vr running, and its really just poorly done. NEVER get anything from HTC again. They are completely incompetent at delivering to consumers; they only thing they have at least a chance of being capable of, is business vr. VIVE's largest accomplishments were all thanks to other companies: The og vive was all thanks to valve - which is specially evident based on the fact that even vive's new fancy premium headsets (cosmos) don't have the ESSENTIAL eye relief function/feature! And wireless is again all thanks to Intel. The vive pro, pro 2, cosmos, and their accessories are garbage. The accesories are 'innovative', but I 100% expect them to be complete pieces of underdesigned overpriced overcomplicated tedius bastard devices.
  2. oh mate that's a tough ask for vive, asking that they make something functional.. yeah look you're better off getting impossibly lucky and finding a gold bar on your doorstep, which you can then use to buy some atleast functional device like the Index.
  3. Wireless cosmos elite w/ suggested batteries etc. with a beefy compatible pc Launched wireless software, and then vive console. seems my computer was still functional, but not accepting input. Hover app animations and cursor icons etc worked, but clicking did nothing, and oddly while windows key opened the windows menu thing, windows+l didnt do the lock screen. I then tried closing vive console, assuming the problem was with it, but I was unable to do that. I then noticed that Steam was frozen, so I mass spammed clicked it, in order to activate the "steam.exe is not responding. kill app?" dialog, which resolves many crashes. Doing this though, gave my computer a bsod. Upon restarts, bsod showed, but apart from that the computer was completely frozen. My computer only continued working after I completely reset it (power off then power on, rather than reset button). I assume the issue is with VIVE console because it's proven a real pain to me, and I have low faith in VIVE yet high faith in my computer, it's health, and Steam. Also because my computer seemed to have froze after VIVE console launching. Thankfully no data was lost, since mozilla firefox is epic and saved my tabs+windows. But still. my absurdly overpriced underdesigned device that occasionally works literally breaking my computer, is not ok. by any means. All in all, I doubt this issue will be resolved in a reasonable timeframe for such a major issue, like 2 months, and my faith in VIVE/htc has lowered somehow even further
  4. Yep! The og vive (99% good, all thanks to valve), is imo far superior to any other headset htc made. The cosmos is complete garbage - wireless often crashes, uncomfortable, no ipd, too expensive, dumb halo design, painful unergonomic design, stupid package has old bulky dated wands, cameras are barely even functional, no modular parts for it as of yet, lesnes SUCK! endless god rays and blur, nose thing doesn't even work. lets in lots of light; sweaty stinky foam, mediocore audio (sharp distortion of sorts at high volume), wireless has disastorous heating effects (literally gets to 90 celcius+ if you dont install a aftermarket fan on it!), software has 50/50 chance of working, has too much software, bad specs - should focus on fov and hertz (and comfort ofc) before resolution; ipd software IS AWFUL! have to try to activate it for 12 bloody seconds, and it will randomly change itself when in-game. Adjusting is bad; you can't tighten the headset super tight, which is annoying for action games like bsaber and gorilla tag; adjusting knob has zero bloody grip, advertised as lightweight but is as bulky as ever, flip up adds weight, reduces fov, increases price, doesn't stay up, is painful when is up, and overall a stupid idea. you can easily put the hmd on your forhead, rather than downgrading the hmd so that it can barely bloody hinge upward; on this, the hmd does shift around during gameplay thanks to the hinge; wireless battery solution isn't designed to attach to the head (which is stupid, as it helps to have a counterweight, and it's more convenient as you don't have to wear clothing for the battery's belt design (you can easily zip tie the battery holder to the hmd head, making the device actually wireless)) so hopefully that lets you know why I hate the cosmos, htc, and would happily take an og vive over my current cosmos because it's superior in like everything apart from resolution (and scrn door effect doesn't matter, beacuse the cosmos is UNGODLY blurry. without the gearvr mod, you literally can't see anything not within 0.5% of your pupil.); the og vive also has much better design (like it ATLEAST has an eye relief function(!!!!!!!!!)), and is made BY VALVE. AKA A COMPETENT/GREAT COMPANY FOR VR. I recommend never buy a htc product; they're garbage. Look at the alternatives for trackers; don't get scammed for the cosmos or pro series; their wireless is functional but crashes so many bloody times, you're better off with a cheap wire hinge solution. ONLY reason to get vive is for their new accessories, like the facial tracker. Though I can easily imagine even that's a complete piece of junk.
  5. Better idea to contact pimax support directly, because of the reasons raging beard mentioned. Though congrats for making the endlessly superior choice of ditching htc/vive, in favour of a decent, competent vr company for consumers!
  6. what, you think htc will actually make their product functional for their many high-paying customers? HAH! they're nothing more than some scam, sucking up to businesses. I say this with full confidence, as I own the unbelievably awful cosmos elite. Very possibly the worst purchase of my entire life.
  7. hah! vive software literally causes bsod. unbelievable. really. you were the largest, best, consumer vr producer. now you're nothing more than some joke to common consumers; merely appealing to corporate rubbish.
  8. never trust vive again. they made the cosmos series, some horrendous software (in-vr ipd display as proof, many other software issues), and now the pro 2. I recommend looking at valve, pimax, or oculus only. Also consider tundralabs for trackers and what-not.
  9. So one main thing the vive worker suggested, was moving the wireless pcie card from anything but a 1x, to 1x. Doing this as well as removing an unnecessary wireless wifi pcie card, re-tightening the cable for the wireless transmitter and giving it a wipe, wireless (so far...), is working great!
  10. Yep, I use these - own 2 infact, and regardless of their charge, and either one I use, I still experience the constant rebooting. I have tried a total of 3 USB cables that conenct the battery to the adapter, and all give the same issue. However from a VIVE console report I've sent, a team member emailed back to me with a list of diagnostic steps. I'll see if any of them work, and if so report here.
  11. It works flawlessly wired. Also woah!!!! Wired looks SOOOOOOOOOO much better than wireless!!!! The increased resolution, colour, detail, less blur, and also zero latency! WOAH! I considered going cable, and using hooks, but then after playing gorilla tag, I noticed not being able to turn in real life is a massive pain. Also, the cable is super uncomfortable. VIVE, if you continue pcvr headsets, also prioritise upgrading wireless hardware massively! Also make sure that the batteries are compatible, and don't make it absurdly priced.
  12. The technology that lets you send wirelessly low latency extremely high information (high resolution, high refresh rate, high accuracy) is Intel's WiGig: A form of internet that is exceptionally fast, though is short-range, and can't penetrate. WiGig for VR seems to have been made 2 years ago, which in terms of computers, is aging -- the 2080ti was 2 years ago. Now there's the supremely beefier 3090. WiGig is however a new technology, meaning that the Wireless solution VIVE uses, is considered old, and there is likely a much better way of transmitting data, or an upgrade to WiGig that hasn't been invented or imlpemented yet. So WiGig is a new technology, and VIVE uses an aged version of it - where there is likely something better available. Oh yeah makes sense that this should be a unique problem in your case. Possibly either your wireless receiver (on your head) is too hot; it is known for thermal issues. A solution is to plug a USB fan into the wireless recievers usb slot, and have it on a push configuration, half way on the edge of the device, half off - for optimal cooling That or, only other thing I can think of, is either your wireless sender thing (thing on desktop, pointing at you) is not set up well; it should be at a decent height and looking at center of playspace. Also IDK, but I think it helps if you're in a close playspace, so the wiGig waves don't escape. That or your computer is not good enough for the wireless, so it is bottlenecking somewhere. Can you post your specs?
  13. Probably because the wireless tech is hardware limited, as it's a fairly new and now rather old technology. No solution.
  14. cant be bothered to search through the logs sorry, but here's the file from when I started a game, where the headset restarted like 6 times in the span on 24 seconds. this would include personal info, but idk how in the hell to report the file to the vive people securely, and really am like super demotivated for anything because of this ruthless uncurable issue vive has seemingly created aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.txt
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