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  1. I unistall my steamVR 、VIVEConsole and VivePort. And I reinstall them. But It didn't solve the problem. Anyway,Thanks a lot.I will wait for next version.
  2. Yes,I tried both of the two method in both of my two computers with both of my two cosmos.But none of them works. The Picture well show you my computer infos and the video show you what I do. 0001-9011.mkv
  3. @Dario My Vive Console doesn't show it's version at this page. I Click the "About" button.The Version is And I Click the "Check Update" Button.It tell me "No Update". I try the UE4 project in version4.26,but it can not connect device too. But the game "Beat Saber" in steam works well.
  4. @DarioHello! There must be something wrong about my VIVE Console. It's version is I try to check the update. It told me that there is no Update for me. And then,I try to input your code to enable OpenXR Preview. And run "CosmosControllerSample(unity)".But it show "no device connected". I just don't know what to do😓
  5. Oooooh!I got it! I haven't find CosmosController here before. I just got it after restart Unity.
  6. 0001-5882.mkvThe Video will show you what I have Done.
  7. Hi,I make a HDRP project by unity2020.2.3f1C1. And follow your steps,I download the controllerpackage. But,I Cannot found "bumper Action" In my project . Did I Missed something important?
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