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  1. @HackPerception Hi any updates on this? If not can I get an email/contact in HTC that I can direct my question too? Once again this is necessary for scientific/academic reasons, so would appreciate if I could get some help.
  2. @HackPerception Thanks for trying. I really really need to know it for scientific reasons. Probably also ask if there's a way to boost it as high as possible through developer tools/settings for testing purposes? Thanks a lot.
  3. I'm a developer that's been trying to measure the max brightness of the Vive Focus 3 but have been trouble getting reliable readings depending on how I position my colorimeter. I'm measuring roughly 110 nits at its peak, but it even goes over that at times. I'm hoping to get some official confirmation of the exact technical specs of what the max brightness is as its quite important for my use case. Btw I'm using it with VBS in case that matters. Hope I can get some official confirmation on this.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but how do I get access to the controller 3D models for the Vive Focus to put in-game? Do you mean the game will auto detect that I'm using a Vive Focus 3 through VBS and show the right controller? (I'm still waiting for my Vive Focus 3 to get delievered so can't test it myself yet)
  5. I'm currently developing a SteamVR app (with Unity) but aim to mainly use it with the Vive Focus 3 (using the Vive Business Streaming app). I would like to display the Vive Focus's controllers instead of the regular Vive Wand controllers inside VR, is there any way of doing so? Also are there any other considerations I should take into account when developing a SteamVR app but with it mainly being used with the Vive Focus 3 via wired streaming?
  6. Let's say I want to start a new project for the Vive Cosmos today but support both the inside-out tracking controllers or old wand controllers, and also want to maintain support in the future with other VR platforms. What plugin should I be using with Unity? From what I see there seem to be 3 options? 1) Valve's own OpenXR plugin (that doesn't support inputs.....) https://github.com/ValveSoftware/unity-xr-plugin 2) Unity's new OpenXR plugin (that's still early in preview) https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.xr.openxr@0.1/manual/index.html 3) SteamVR plugin (that seems like it will eventually be deprecated? and also won't work with other platforms in the future?) https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steamvr_unity_plugin Does anybody have any advice?
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