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  1. Oh, I mean inner game eye calibration. I found it. "SRanipalEye_Core.h" has 'int LaunchEyeCalibration_(void *)' and wrapped it with 'LaunchEyeCalibration()' I made. And I added this function to header and cpp source. In ordere to call it from blue print you should add it 'SRanipalEye_FunctionLibrary.h' and 'SRanipalEye_FunctionLibrary.cpp' located under "..\Plugins\SRanipal\Source\SRanipalEye\private" and ""..\Plugins\SRanipal\Source\SRanipalEye\public" folders. Now when I call it from bluePrint I can calibrate my eye position in other seperate inner window from application. That's i
  2. How can I launch eye calibration in unreal BP? Only I can see is these functions. @MariosBikos_HTC
  3. So do I. I can't find "LauchEyeCalibration" in List of Blueprint. Only I can see these 7 functions.
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