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  1. Hi dNazarik, Did you have any luck getting at the images of user's eyes? I also need to access this. We're attempting to utilise the Vive Pro Eye for medical applications and finding it extremely frustrating that this is protected when available in other eye-tracking systems such as Pupil Labs etc. Am I correct in these 3 assumptions? 1) In general, there is no law against recording the eye images (every other eye-tracking solution that I've used has allowed this - Pupil Labs etc.) 2) The eye images/video stream exists, it's just secured currently. 3) The reason it is secured is due to the consumer nature of the hardware. If these three are true, there must be some form of solution. Ideally a patch/password system for use in professional/clinical settings? If not, I wonder if anyone has gone about hacking the system? I guess it may end up being the only solution?
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