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  1. Hello It seems some post-processing effects such as bloom or anti-aliasing are disabled whenever the SRWorks camera mode is set to "mixed" in Unreal (using 4.26). Where in the scripts is this behaviour defined and can I change it? Below is a picture of a 3D scene, on the left the SRWorks camera is set to "mixed", on the right "virtual", every other setting is identical, the switch can happen during gameplay: I need anti-aliasing and bloom in order to smoothly blend between the real and the virtual environments using "mixed" view, but currenly the 3D model in "mixed" view looks very low
  2. I was going through the intricate SteamVR controller binding setup with 2.0 trackers to get the pose and use it in UE4.26, but it seems I am missing the "Special 1" option: Has there been a change in workflow? Thanks
  3. @KeateWang I think I was on also before, but I now double-checked with a new project and again it crashed, this time about 5 seconds after stopping VR preview, here is the short form report: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x00007ffc268dd898 VCRUNTIME140 UE4Editor_Core UE4Editor_SceneOutliner UE4Editor_Slate UE4Editor_SlateCore UE4Editor_Slate UE4Editor kernel32 ntdll --- I thought that maybe the problem might be that I always take the "HandTrackingProvider" script out of the plugin folder, so I instead tried to keep
  4. Hello I am encountering frequent crashes when combining pass-through with hand tracking. To exeplify this, I made a new project on UE 4.26 (the problem was present also in 4.24 and 4.25), added both the SRWorks and the newest available hand tracking plugins, rebuilt the code when opening the project, started SRWorks runtime, duplicated SRWorks sample scene, added handtrackingprovider and cartoon hands to the scene and launched the VR preview. The experience worked for a minute, then crashed with the following short report (I have had many similar crashes also when ending the play session or
  5. @cte, thank you so much! Works like a charm on UE 4.25. For those who are completely new to modifying the .cpp and .h files, a few more things to note in order to not get lost: The "SRanipal_Core.h" file is actually called "SRanipalEye_Core.h" (as of the Release, perhaps previously it was named differently or just a type from cte) After adding all the above code, you may need to right-click on your .uproject file in Explorer and select "generate visual studio project files" in order for the new BP node to appear (I also reopened the project from Epic Games Launcher for the
  6. Combined pass-through and hand tracking works beautifully on UE 4.25 and Vive Pro Wireless with these instruction. Thumbs up!
  7. Hello How to achieve the same result in Unreal 4.25? I have both SDKs and separately they work fine, but dragging both in the same level makes the pass-through crash. What hand tracking components should be added to SRPawn to make it a single actor? Thanks @zzy
  8. Hello. I am trying to download the UE4 Samples, but the link leads to a 0kb file that seems to be damaged - https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-srworks-sdk/0971/srworks-xr-sdk-ue4-samples/
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