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  1. This thread is a little strange since I thought I posted the answer prior to anyone responding. It took me a little while to find the fine print where I found it.. But thanks to those who gave a reasonable response.. I was going to post another thread about the Vive dashboard causing Alyx to lock up my system but I suppose I will do that on another forum..
  2. I was just wondering if the Vive Cosmos controllers with the design and lights work with the Vive Cosmos Elite headset? Thanks..
  3. I 've had my headset for about two months. The first problem was needing to go to Vive to download the software/drivers. All I wanted were the drivers but I got all the rest also. I did end up reinstalling several times but I never had to go to the folder you mention. I did use Programs and Features to uninstall all the HTC Vive software before I tried to reinstall. Right now the headset works well, when it works, but I am having a situation of the headset not getting the video signal unless I unplug and re-plug the USB cable, every time I start it up. The Vive Pro, which I used
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