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  1. @Corvus Here are the crash log files, its basically logcat from cmd. I do hope it help both of us. crashlog.txt
  2. And I do noticed myself that when I casting directly from Vive menu (by pressing the Vive button). It will easily crashes my app when i casting it. But when I casting through Settings Menu, it works fine as usual. And noticed that it will crashes when the Top Left icon appeared at my screen. (Please refer to the picture I shared) HTC Vive Focus Plus version: 4.14.623.1 Casting Devices: ScreenBeamMini2 and Microsoft Windows Display Wireless Adapter. Thank you very much. And I try to get the crash log files as soon as possible.
  3. Greeting, Currently I having some issues that my app will crash whenever my client are using it from his side. I tested and casted from my side here that every time, there are no crashes. But when my client using it, it will crash and specially during casting at Windows Connect at his PC and using Windows Display Wireless Adapter. Here are my client PC hardware specs are:- Lenovo p330 i7 8th, 16G memory, LEADTEK p400 display card with 2G memory. Please, if anyone with have these kind of experiences, please share your solutions. Thank you.
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