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  1. @LochoChoco Thanks for that. I ended up peeking out from underneath the HMD while wearing it to see the color since it had been orange everytime I had removed the HMD to check. They were green then so that was good. (I had started to think that it would only be green when I had the HMD on, which made it impossible for me to see the robot eyes.)
  2. I am not removing the HMD during calibration. However, since I've tried calibrating so many times, there have been one or two instances when I did, just to check the tray icon but, generally, I don't since I assume it would interfere with the calibration process. However, from the documentation, it seems that the tray icon should have green eyes. Since I am interested to verify that when I am doing various things, like running an app or a game I am not sure how to do that except to remove the HMD or at least shift it so I can peek under it. It seems to be a very cumbersome way to do that,
  3. Thanks for the response. I had actually gone through the set up from the link you gave before posting. It was only when I had failed to resolve it after many attempts and variations that I contacted Tobii support. Unfortunately, all I received from them was an auto-generated email declaring that they are unable to respond due to the pandemic. I have not heard from them since. Without any other means of support, I then tried this forum. Unfortunately, it seems like I won't be able to find any direct help for this issue. One simple question: I find myself having to lift
  4. Hi! I've been trying to get the Vive Pro Eye to work for a while now but am running into issues. In particular, I am unable to get the SRanipal robot tray icon to turn its eyes from orange to green and I've run out of ideas. I've been following the Getting Started guide but Step 3 says to "Make sure the VIVE Sranipal SDK works before going to the next step" and I am not entirely certain what that means in practice. It seems to be compressing a lot (like a potential whole other Getting Started Guide) into that one short sentence. I've downloaded and unzipped the SDK. I then downloade
  5. In Step 3 on the "Getting started developing" page for the Pro Eye, it states: Make sure the VIVE Sranipal SDK works before going to the next step. I am not sure how to "make sure" the SDK works. Can anyone tell me how I would go about making sure the SDK works? Thanks!
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