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  1. GitHub - microsoft/vcpkg: C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS allows for easier package management unde Visual Studio. Would it be possible/allowed to port the Vive Handtrack SDK to this package manager? This would work for a portfile: vcpkg_download_distfile(ARCHIVE URLS "https://dl.vive.com/SDK/HandTracking/ViveHandTracking_0.10.0.zip" FILENAME "ViveHandTracking_0.10.0.zip" SHA512 fc7a1e6ca1aa95c84238f112e239bcd4022377e21678a7ac5c58c767b814360eb9f483162251613186eb95fbc29646b526b94e0e496570051092c702bc71d125 ) vcpkg_extract_source_archive_ex( OUT_SOURCE_PATH SDK_EXTRACTED ARCHIVE ${ARCHIVE} NO_REMOVE_ONE_LEVEL ) vcpkg_extract_source_archive_ex( OUT_SOURCE_PATH CPP_EXTRACTED ARCHIVE "${SDK_EXTRACTED}/C++/Native Binary for C++.zip" NO_REMOVE_ONE_LEVEL ) if(VCPKG_TARGET_IS_WINDOWS) if(VCPKG_TARGET_ARCHITECTURE STREQUAL "x64") set(ARCH_PATH "Windows64") elseif(VCPKG_TARGET_ARCHITECTURE STREQUAL "x86") set(ARCH_PATH "Windows32") else() message(FATAL_ERROR "Package only supports x64 and x86 Windows.") endif() else() message(FATAL_ERROR "Package only supports Windows and Linux.") endif() file(GLOB CPP_LIB "${CPP_EXTRACTED}/ViveHandTracking/libs/${ARCH_PATH}/*.lib") file(COPY ${CPP_LIB} DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR}/lib) file(COPY ${CPP_LIB} DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR}/debug/lib) file(GLOB CPP_BIN "${CPP_EXTRACTED}/ViveHandTracking/libs/${ARCH_PATH}/*.dll") file(COPY ${CPP_BIN} DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR}/bin) file(COPY ${CPP_BIN} DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR}/debug/bin) file(INSTALL ${CPP_EXTRACTED}/ViveHandTracking/include DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR} RENAME include) # # Handle copyright file(INSTALL "${SDK_EXTRACTED}/PLEASE READ DOCUMENTATION FIRST" DESTINATION ${CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR}/share/vive-handtrack-sdk RENAME copyright) The only issue is licensing. 3.a.iv says "You are not permitted to: publish, rent, lease, lend, sell, sublicense, distribute, transfer, disclose, or otherwise provide the SDK or any application that uses the SDK to any third party, except as expressly permitted herein;". This is SDK ditribution, isn't it? Anyways, if this IS allowed, it would be great if the archives would include the license file (see last line of the provided portfile draft).
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