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  1. Hi Dario, minor change. I still have the same appearance as previously posted, with a difference. If I stand in a certain position and launch the flight it will display it but I can't move. If I move it all goes black. While the image is black if you launch the menu from the vr headset while the menu is displaying in the background the simulator is appearing and functional. If I close the menu it all goes black. I have reset the standing and sitting positions with no positive results.
  2. Thank you Dario and VibrantNebula, Below is not my image, but, this is the very similar issue that Im encountering. As suggested, I will report via the provided link. Thank you both.
  3. Thank you @Dario I'm seeing dual images on the screen now of FS2020, I disabled HDR with in Windows. I notice a lot of other users are encountering the same as I'm am. Thank you for the provided link.
  4. Hi Dario, I have just performed your recommendation with no change, I am not running SteamVR beta 1.15.18, I have disabled 2D view as suggested, in addition, I have confirmed that that within SteamVR (Developer) indicates - OpenXR runtime: SteamVR
  5. Thank you Dario, I believe that I did perform the SteamVR step that you have suggested (Sorry I have been at it for 12hrs). I did not disable the 2D view, I will do that, I will give it another shot and advise. Thank you
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I have just received my Cosmos Elite VR (Thursday 7th), I have been attempting to get MS FS2020 to work on this VR goggle with no joy. When I launch FS2020 I see (On my right side a yellow like crescent, that's it, audio is fine. I contacted HTC support and they have noted to me that if MS FS2020 was not purchased via Steam it would not work (I had purchased directly from Microsoft). I'm not sure that's correct, that said, let's say I have tried everything that I find including in this chain with no joy. Can I please request your assistance or kindly advise whom or what site I may find help. I have decided if it's true as for only being able to purchase via Steam, I'm just going to return the headset. Thank you in advance to all.
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