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  1. @jaalto1 I'm also a noob with this however to check if the eyes go green, what I did was run a calibation test then after its complete in the vive menu I switch to desktop view and open up the icon tray and the eyes are usually green. Hope this helps somehow.
  2. @CorvusYeah, i've run the uninstall reg tool, and the PC has been off and on since then.
  3. @Corvus I'm running that's the latest, right?
  4. @Corvus I've made a little progress with some help from @VibrantNebula and deleting from the windows registry. However now I face a new error, when I go to install the below message pops up any help would be appreciated.
  5. I was having problems with calibration so I decided to uninstalled and re-install but now when I re-install the VIVE_SRanipalInstaller won't let me repair or install I'm not sure what the fix to this is. These are the screen shots of when I try to either repair or remove. I can't seem to find whats missing so I can install this.
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