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  1. Hello everyone! I'm glad to see a somewhat active community here! I have owned the Cosmos for a few weeks now and am starting to really dip my feet into VR. (Im 3D printing a VR stock from Thingiverse, but the Cosmos controllers cups are no where to be found) I have played the very stuttery and frame capped FS2020 (18fps) and over in the Nvidia fourms people are STILL crying about the SteamVR stuttering and 3000 series driver fix for VR. Despite that fact, i loaded up Fallout4 VR instead and am really enjoying it. Minus the ADS and how hard it is to ADS. You really gotta use VATS. Loading up Hotdogs, horseshoes and hand grenades, and had a very difficult time getting the sights to line up ( i shoot plenty in real life so i know how to shoot/hold over) So i started printing a VR stock found here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2828833) But there is no file to 3d print a cup holder for the Cosmos controllers. ( there IS for the vive) Now i just bought Onward, and i want to shoot quick and fast and with a stable controller set up. (nothing on the aftermarket like amazon atm) I have played 1500 hours of squad and the Onward Mil-sim looks right down my alley. I have lurked for a bit and found a decent thread 4 more pages back about the base stations and the controllers. Considering all the available options i have come to the conclusion that: 1.0 base stations are good to go, and have a more mature algorithm than the 2.0 base stations. Where as the 2.0 base stations are more for a professional set up. It also seems the blue (2018) controllers are for the 2.0 base stations are are not needed/necessary for the elite. Is this correct? I am looking for HTC controllers that will work with the Cosmos/Elite/ and are well supported. Are the 1.0 controllers the old Vive controllers? or are these considered trackers? It also seems to me that HTC went the way of (make a problem then sell the solution) when the general consensus is that the elite faceplate is much better. Have you all noticed a quality change when it comes to the face plates? Thanks everyone for your time!
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