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  1. Hi! I have the following hardware: HTC Vive Eye Pro 2*NVidia RTX 3090 GPUs What I want to achieve: interactive ray tracing for a complex scene where the rays (e.g., primary rays) can be modified with respect to the gaze position. Question: What is the best available API/ Engine/ Library to implement gaze-contingent ray tracing algorithm? Or for example, I extend to work on path tracing algorithm. First I tried the unity3D, however, I have found the unity3d VR still support the directx11, and have not been updated to directx12, so ray tracing is not supported. From the Unity discussion forum: RTX is not supported in VR in UE4 as of 4.26 There is a publication on RayVR, author used DirectX Raytracing-Falcor to enable ray tracing on VR (tr-05-2019.pdf (impa.br)), however the code repository is not available for public Few publications, worked on VR and ray tracing used OpenCL RadeonRays I would really appreciate if the experts show me a way that I should use to achieve my goal. I am really lost and randomly trying different path.
  2. Never mind, I got it. The options are visible after hitting the play button.
  3. Hi! The Unity VR is currently based on the DirectX 11, and no further upgradation to DX12 or latest DX Raytracing pipeline. So, if I want to develop a scene with ray tracing in Unity game engine, the only available option is using the HDRP; however, it does not support the VR. My question is, how to develop ray traced scene for my HTC Vive Pro Eye HMD?
  4. Hi @MariosBikos, one quick questions, are branches UE 4.23.1 and UE 4.24.2 developed for win64/win32 machines? I tried both of these branches to build and debug, as you mentioned on my 64-bit machine. However, each time it failed to build. P.S. I used the Visual Studio 2015 community edition.
  5. So far, this is the only, and best foveated rendering direction available in the internet. Thanks to the author, @MariosBikos
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