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  1. Hi, I experienced the same issue when I had Windows 10 Home on my computer. Then I installed Windows 10 Pro and the SRWorks package worked very well. So, it should work on your computer too and no need to reinstall Windows.
  2. For me the next steps worked well: 1. Import SRWorks package into Unity Project 2. Reload Unity 3. Download SteamVR package(I have loaded it after the SRWorks package to avoid problems with the input action file) 4. Download SRWorks Expirience package(optional)
  3. Hello! I want to use a point cloud obtained through scanning the static mesh. I wonder if it is possible to make changes on vertices of the point cloud and then make an adaptive mesh from the vertices. I looked at scripts of SRWorks and SRWorks_Expirience, but still can not find the point cloud container. If anyone on the forum has an experience with this topic, please share here.
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