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  1. While I'd rather not mark the entire story - here's the gist of it. Support refuses to repair my faulty cosmos - my 3rd one - 2nd repair model. They claim my warranty is over, but yet they will not provide proof nor tell me where I can find my registration info that suddenly disappeared. Did I mention that I've been in contact with I believe 6 different support reps that can't do their jobs? Asking the same questions I had just answered and replied to, yet I get a new person trying to help me disregarding previous emails, attachments and questions that were given and answered. They claim my warranty ended during this support process, so I suppose it makes sense that they were purposely trying to drag out my warranty end date to avoid replacing yet another faulty Cosmos Headset. Looking into legal action for a possible class action lawsuit. I have a phone call with a lawyer on Monday and she is asking that I try to find more people who have been screwed over by HTC support. I'm looking to take this as far as I can and am going at HTC as hard as can for their nonsense. Please send me a PM here if you are interested in trying to see if we can hold HTC accountable for their junk product, poor business practices and terrible support team. Mayra M. Lucas M. Rafael M. Jerson C. David G. Diego A. Do I really need 6 different support reps asking the same questions? Ignoring attachments? Ignoring the support ticket? Ignoring almost every thing I say? Seems like no one wants to do their jobs and I'm calling all of them out on it. I HAVE HAD IT.
  2. Also forgot to mention how zooming doesnt work when using Desktop view. I even removed the beta drives and zooming still doesnt work. Look like I'm not going to get any help here and im just wasting my time. Going to open another support ticket and hoping this isn't yet another bad hesdset.
  3. Anyone else having issues where the Vive Lens never shows up or takes up to 5 minutes to appear? As well as flickering and windows just rotating diagonally? Some messed up drivers lately. I think it's time to stray away from beta's.
  4. These drivers are the absolute worst I've had thus far. The lens never shows up, or, it takes up to 5 minutes to appear (never doing that again). Random flickering and my image seems to rotate diagonally on it's own. Going back to non beta and resetting everything.
  5. Hey all, Updated to these drivers and just loaded my cosmos after almost 3 weeks. I must say these are quite problematic drivers for me. Took almost an hour to get my Vive working again after the update. Best place to report all these issues to help them get resolved?
  6. New update has been the worst update so far. Keeps shutting down my Vive nonstop and sometimes my headset won't turn back on at all until I sign out/Restart my PC. My desktop goes completely black and nothing I can do to get my desktop back but sign out or restart my PC. The left controller gets disconnected quickly after turning it on but it's on and won't reconnect. SteamVR now crashes all the time and i'll get crash messages but the programs will still be running. Room setup won't work properly either and it's nearly impossible to get the vive to work for longer than 2 minutes? since this update. Uninstalling the BETA and i'll just seal with the mediocre drivers for now. But there you go :) Hope these reported problems leads to a solution. Also not using Open XR and it's been disabled. Never used it either.
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