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  1. UPDATE: I haven't had much luck with HTC Support via email so today in desperation I hooked up my old Original Vive to the same PC and it works fine. So the OG Vive display works and my brand new Cosmos Elite display does not work. Any ideas? I have a $1000 piece of dead hardware here and I need some resolution.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue (I posted here a few days earlier). Additionally, today in desperation, I unpacked my old Original HTC Vive from 2016 and hooked it up to the same PC and it worked just fine! This looks more like a hardware issue with the Vive Cosmos or at least a Cosmos-specific software update issue. No luck so far with HTC Support via email. Its been almost a week for me and I really need some resolution on my $1000 piece of hardware that literally does not work.
  3. I don't know if it helps to mention this. But I actually upgraded from the Original Vive to the Vive Cosmos Elite. I guess that makes me a serious HTC "fan boy". People told me I was crazy to spend that much to make such a minor upgrade but staying untethered was -that- important to me. My YouTube Channel provides lots of video examples of why Wireless/Untethered is the -only- way to go! The OG Vive worked flawlessly with and without the Wireless Adapter and I thought the Cosmos would be the same. Here is my YouTube channel with plenty of footage of me playing untethered in my (relatively
  4. Thank you so much for replying. As you can tell from my Original Post, I'm dying over here! So, yes. I reseated all cables. I even removed the Wireless Adapter and its related cables completely and tested everything out with the original Wired/Cabled connection to the PC (the HDMI/DP and Power cables). I even reinstalled Viveport and ran Device Setup and it correctly identified my DisplayPort and USB connections. But still, no display on the actual Headset. Again, SteamVR's VR View shows everything tracking and displaying normally. Also, I've been using the original 21-Watt Battery t
  5. I've had the Vive Cosmos Elite (using Wireless Adapter) since August and everything was running fine until 2 days ago. Suddenly there is NO IMAGE on the Headset Display! Nothing. Desktop "VR View" still displays perfectly, tracking all movement on the computer monitor. Just NOT the headset. -SteamVR reports no error. -The Vive Wireless Software shows no error. -The LED light on the Headset is showing Green. (Sometimes Red, but almost always solid Green) -I have uninstalled/reinstalled SteamVR (manually deleted all setting files and content of SteamVR folder). -I have uninst
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