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  1. The controlers dont appears in the scene . And i use a basic course to try it .. no controllers are recognized under unreal .. i go back to 4.23 like the course is .. but same .. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/onlinelearning-courses/3d-map-navigation-in-vr?sessionInvalidated=true These are the mappings i use .. and i am under Beta 1.0.13
  2. Hum will try today .. Another point on the website vive i have tried to command Hand controller Cosmos G and D and there is a problem the cart always resume G Hand controllers only not the Right one ..
  3. Hi .. just to be sure to all understand .. i arrive here after 4 Weeks of searching .. at the beginning i am not a real Dev .. I am working for Virtual production under Unreal .. and i am beginner . Si i bought à Cosmos Elite with 2 controllers .. in order to test and dev interesting thing under Unreal .. but it seems to be really a mess in order to have just these controllers working under unreal .. Hts cosmos is listed as input .. but nothing seems working .. Anything i miss ??? or this controllers are too recent for use with unreal ? UE 4.25 @MariosBikos_HTC
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