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  1. Thank you so much, that's really helpful. I tried a 360 degree webcam and it was wonderful but unfortunately the resolution in real-time was so insufficient. I keep at it with the Zed until something else comes along. Thanks again!
  2. Hi thanks for your reply 🙂 That's interesting because i've found the Zed 2 camera., which i'm currently using, much less immersive and more like "looking at a screen" within the headset. Any tips on how to improve the field of view please?
  3. English is my first language, apologies if you thought the question was poorly written. I need a webcam that will stream into my HTC Vive virtual reality headset using Unity. I was looking for advice on which camera might be best - either a 360° or 180° camera. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm a final year robotics PhD student. I'm currently streaming the feed from a StereoLabs Zed 2 into my headset, but it looks like watching a screen and it just doesn't cut it. I've also tried a Ricoh Theta V 360 camera, but the resolution was just awful and induced motion sickness. I'm thinking a stereo 180 camera might be the way to go but i'm looking for some advice on which the best one might be. I have a modest research budget so can't afford that costs thousands and thousands. Thanks in advance!
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