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  1. @Corvus Thank you for the reply! Since my original post I have purchased a old used Tobii EyeX tracker. Using an old deprecated SDK I'm able to run my own calibration(Tobii no longer exposes these functions in the newer SDKs unless you buy the pro SDK) . What I have been able to do with this SDK is run the calibration twice. I cover my left eye and look at my calibration points but before committing the temporary buffer of left eye points, I cover my right eye and repeat the process. I then commit all the points. This works flawlessly because when someone with Strabismus uses one eye at a tim
  2. Hi Assaf Did you ever proceed with developing with the Pro Eye? I too am hoping to develop an application for someone who has Strabismus and I am seeking answers to same questions you have posted. Thanks
  3. I cant seem to edit my post and one image didn't come through. Anyway its just a simple visualization of esotropia:
  4. Hi Before I purchase the Vive Pro Eye(which is pretty expensive for me), I was hoping someone could answer a few questions. I'm interested in developing an application that provides real-time feedback of individual eye gaze location for people who have strabismus(primarily esotropia). I currently use an Oculus Rift CV1 and Unity and my current projects use a two camera setup to be able to display different target objects exclusively to one eye or the other(with all other objects visible to both eyes). I'd like to be able to see what the individual eyes are doing in the env
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