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  1. They can be directly opposite each other. But tracking works best if at diagonals. Basically, think of them like Laser shotguns shooting out light rays.. if they are directly opposite each other on your sides.. the front and back tracking won't be 100% perfect because it can be obscured. You also want them to bathe you in the light rays, so it is important that they are far enough apart and aimed a bit down so they can catch the controllers wherever they go. But the headsets and controllers, etc.. are pretty good at tracking even when obscured for short periods.. so I would bet you'll have no issues.
  2. Good news. I got your exact specs and my Vive works like a champ. You won't be able to use the HTC Vive wireless adapter (I think the i5 just isn't powerful enough so it has some issues) but otherwise everything runs great. With a more powerful PC you could oversample, etc.. but every game will run with high or ultra settings without issue (except maybe Skyrim with mods and Fallout). As for Hot Dogs.. I got it but haven't played it long.. what I did play it seemed to be fine.
  3. For your last point, If you have a Vive, cellphone integration is free. Just install Viveport (you don't need to buy a thing or subscribe), then just go into settings and setup the phone connection. Done and free. Now you can answer the phone or send canned text replies to text messages.
  4. Here is my list. Looking at it, I am amazed at how for me it is about the experience, not the AAA graphics, etc. Not on my list, Fallout 4, Skyrim VR, etc.. even though I have them too. 1) VTOL VR - Built from the ground up as a VR flight sim, so it has many features built in that no other flight sim does. Using one controller on your knee like a flight stick while pushing switches with the other is simply amazing. The built in Mp3 player and spectator camera make you wonder why any games do not have those features. 2) WINDLANDS - One of the first VR games is still one of the best. I play it on easy mode (where you can attach to anything) and it quickly makes you feel like your spiderman in VR. I love everything about this game from the graphics to the super amazing sound design (I thought it should win an award for sound). Anyway, it makes the list as it is one of the only games that kicks off my fear of heights.. and I love it for that. 3) Richies Plank - Not as much a game as an experience.. but being able to act like a super hero flying through the city or as Santa delivering presents.. 'nuf said. 4) The Lab - Like you said.. a bunch of demos.. but it shows a hint of the power of VR. 5) voidLINK - This is an obscure game that nobody seems to know about.. but it is the best RTS made for VR so far. If you liked Red Alert, Commmand and Conquer, Homeworld, etc.. this is your VR game. I just play practice against the AI over and over.. but it is what I like to do (don't judge, lol) 6) Operation Warcade - Any game that I almost 100% should be on this list, and Operation Warcade is among those. Your local arcade's sit down gun shooter gets a VR remake. What I thought was a simple scrolling shooter turns out to be SO much more. Varied enough that it doesn't get repeative too quick and flat out fun. 7) Duck Season - I am a wuss when it comes to VR horror.. so when Duck Season, a nice game about hunting ducks takes a detour into horror, you know the game must be great if I continue to play until the end. Loved every inch of this game and it was a jaw drop at the attention to detail and nostalgia. 8) Grand Canyon Experience - This is my go to for relaxation. Ride a boat around the grand canyon at night or during the day. Great for escaping the worries of the day. 9) Balloon Chair Death Match - Looks like you can't get this game anymore and that's a shame. One of the most fun VR titles I've played. So hard to explain that I'll just say, search youtube for videos of it. 10) Hopalong: The Badlands - Fun little game for kids, but it brings out the kid in every adult who plays it too. Ride a stick horse around while shooting bad guys.
  5. Until someone else with more info responds, I'll throw in my experience with the Vive wireless adapter. The Vive wireless adapter's sensor never was a problem during my play time.. I always had full bars. This included at severe off angles, etc.. so it seems the signal is very wide. Because the cable from the PC to sensor is very short, I placed mine about the height of where a monitor would be, aimed in the general direction of the center of my play space. Like i said.. It seemed to work fine wherever the headset was.. be it right below the sensor or across the room. My playspace isn't huge.. so I can't speak for range.. but I can speak for the wide area it covers within it's range. Now I will throw in.. I went back to wired for now.. as my PC did not work well with the wireless adapter for some reason (starting to think it might have been the Oculus software, but haven't switched back to try it). But signal strength was never the issue.
  6. Does anyone have a relatively new fully working Vive Wireless setup? If so, can you post specs? I am prepared to buy a new computer for this to work.. but I want it to work.. not be another computer that stutters in wireless. The most frustrating thing is.. even if you get a state of the art new computer, there seems to be no guarantee.
  7. I was in wireless VR with the desktop showing and I noticed the Vive Wireless app had a circle with a I on it. Taking off the headset, I think I right clicked on the circled I and it said an update was available. I closed out of VR, etc.. and then ran it. Don't know if you need to close out, etc... but I did. After the update, I went right back in and it seems to be better. Now the bad news. It does work better for me.. but now I got the condition where you lose tracking every 3 minutes or so for a split second (the whole screen goes grey). Still that is a lot better than what I had before.
  8. I installed the new update for Vive Wireless and it is now MUCH improved and working probably exactly as it should be. I tried loading up a few games and I think I am a happy Viver again. I'm thinking it must have been a conflict between drivers, hardware, etc... that the newest update fixes.. as I tried EVERYTHING short of replacing hardware. And yeah, mine pegged the VR READY status too, lol! Anyway.. good luck peeps.. Hopefully the new update fixes your issues or the next one will. What was so frustrating for me was, even people with extremely new systems had this issue.. so you took a risk buying your way out of it. I just hope my issues with wireless are behind me, as I didn't play long and still need to hook back up the old Vive connector box so I can use the phone connection. But I wanted to spread the word that after the new update to VIve Wireless.. I was able to play for awhile with no real issues. So don't loose hope..
  9. Same issue as you all... choppy performance.. SteamVR reports tons of reprojection occuring. I am almost at my wits end.. and will try reloading Windows 10 64 bit from scratch this weekend before giving up and going back to wired and returning the wireless adapter. CPU: i5 6600K MB: ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1 LGA 1151 Intel Z170 SATA GPU: Nvidia Gtx1070 Tried all slots, removed every program from Windows I could.. got all bars in the wireless app.. yet I drop frames. Ugh!
  10. We got a solution. Thanks to the very hard work of David aka VibrantNebula and Vive support team I am back to loving my Vive again and able to spend hours inside VR without worrying about missed calls and texts. THANK YOU everyone who helped with this. I couldn't be happier with the support I got and the outcome. The solution: I think it was as simple as uninstall/reinstall of the Vive App. I think the upgrade to Android P had broken the Vive app due to adding some new security restrictions onto it. When I reinstalled, it prompted me to change some security settings on my phone that were new changes. After that, the caller notification and text notification started to pop up and disappear like usual. So going forward.. every android update.. reinstall the app if you get problems.
  11. Hi David, I'll try to get logs and a video of it actually happening to you by this weekend. I think once you see the issue, you'll quickly be able to fix it. Thank you for taking time to look into this for me. Here are some answers and a better description: Does this issue occur 100% of the time or does it only occur partially or under certain conditions? It happens 100% of the time. When the issue occurred, did the whole VR viewport freeze or did only the notification pane? Only the notification pane. It gets stuck on the screen so it obscures your game. It also seems to get stuck in it's original pop up location. So if you were looking down at say a control panel in the VR game, a pop up appears saying call from unknown... now if you look up. You'll see your game.. but everytime you look down, you see the notification sitting there.. call from unknown.. blocking the control panel. What phone are you pairing? Please provide the model and OS version if possible. Original Pixel XL, Android 9. Build PPR1.180610.009. What steps did you do to successfully recover the session? Hard-reboot Steam VR, disconnect/reconnect phone, or re-plug in link box, ect...? I reboot Steam VR and it clears the error. If possible, please PM me logs related to this service. To do so: Logs will come soon.
  12. I just realized this might have started around the time my phone got upgraded to Android P. Will probably need to find elusive phone connection users to find out if it is just me or everyone. If your phone connection works or doesn't.. feel free to reply.
  13. Any update on this? Getting tired of losing games, etc.. because the CALLER ID thng gets stuck on the screen. VERY FRUSTRATING considering it is the main reason I bought the Vive over the Rift. It was working great before.. what did you guys do?
  14. I highly recommend OPENVR ADVANCED SETTINGS. This is a small program you can download find and download from GitHub that adds a ton of abilities. One of the better ones is the ability to save your chaperone settings to selectable presets and also make them invisible if you want. So for example, I have 3 pre-sets. Standing (Chaperone appears when near edge). Standing with center marker (Chaperon appears when near edge and a constant marker is on the center floor of my play space, thus making finding the middle of the play area easy). And Sitting (Chaperone is invisible, because for me, my sitting area is outside my play space). But it can do many other things too... Have fun.
  15. I've noticed a new issue has developed recently when using the phone connector. A phone call will come in, UP will pop up the notice, incomming call from XXX.. Then even after you hang up the call, etc.. the incomming call notice stays stuck on the screen, thereby blocking your view of your game, etc.. Just wanted to make you guys aware. Loving everything else and I love the phone connector despite this recent issue.
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