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  1. Hello to whomever is reading this, I recently got a Vive Cosmo Elite & was excited to try it out, only for my excitement to quickly sour when I attempted to run the setup.exe installer and it doesn't install. It will open, then says "Checking versions" followed by "Preparing" then once the light blue bar reaches the end the installer crashes and installs nothing. I've been wrestling with this issue for days now, combing through the forums of Vive, Reddit and Steam to seek any & all troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. I've deleted residual files that the installer left and
  2. @sparda1023Hello Sparda, It seems that I'm having the same issue you had on April and I'm currently talking to support about my issue but I wanted to ask you about where did you get these reports from your PC? I believe it will help my issue if I could provide reports.
  3. Same here, having the same issue. It won't setup and when using steamVR there's no display on my headset but on my monitor is shows functioning fine and its the same for all my games on steam. Also I noticed there's a red LED on the side and looking in the user's manual it means its in sleep mode. I don't know if the setup is needed to turn on the headset or not. Please assist if possible.
  4. Hello, It seems that I'm this issue as well. I was able to download the setup from the link provided on the instructions www.vive.com/setup but when I go to run the setup it does this. First Time (I believe) Installing, Preparing then closes without install the software. Run it again. Checking versions Preparing then closes again. It never prompts me to the next steps for setup, what can I do the resolve this?
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