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  1. Been in contact with support, will post a solution if one is found. I am hopeful.
  2. Sooooooo, what I am gathering is that the Focus Plus is not a true mobile device. I mean, if I need to have WiFi to use it at all. That changes things, and makes it nearly useless for my applications.
  3. I have been using the 5Ghz WiFi. The reason for purchasing is for travel, and a possible lack of high speed internet or even access to 5Ghz. So on to the next one. Is a WiFi network needed to play downloaded games or run apps?
  4. I got it to work, however it is pretty intermittent and needs to reload. Moved the router and changed channels as well, that cut down on some of the reloading. Stranger would work a little shakey then adjusted the settings from epic to high and it smoothed right out, but viveport and steam apps still stutter pretty badly. So what I am getting is that I will need to download what ever app/game to the computer and then operate it from the menu on the HDS. Even with high speed internet. Is there a way to go direct from the computer to the headset in a mini network without the internet?
  5. New to VR and starting with a focus plus, mainly since it makes more sense for travel. Trying to get it to talk with Viveport Desktop and steamVR. During the set up of VPD the focus is not on the list of headsets. So I skip, when clicking the headset button in the upper right corner it launches Steam vr and asks me to plug in the USB to the headset. What am I missing?
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