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  1. Thanks for the input. I'll run performance monitor next time I jump into VR and see what it reads when the issue occurs again. However, I won't try disabling hyperthreading without more info or certainty that it will fix the problem. For future PC upgrades, would you recommend I prioritise a better CPU or a better GPU?
  2. This is a problem that has been plaguing me for months. I'm completely lost as to what might be causing it, and I need help figuring this issue out because it's becoming very frequent and frustrating. During VR play, the headset's screens will almost completely freeze up, but the game will still act as normal. The frozen image will wobble slightly with head movements, but the image itself might as well be a screenshot. Sound from the game will behave as normal, and the wand tracking will also behave as normal (confirmed by still being able to hear collision noises, my weapon firing, or the haptic feedback of the wand coming into contact with an interactable object in the game). On the desktop, the game will also appear to run, but in ~0.5fps. If the game is left running for a few minutes, it eventually returns to a normal 60+ framerate. The steamVR webdeveloper log will spam something about an Aquiresync Timeout, and the performance graph will show spikes and display errors. Curiously, after I shut down all the VR programs when this error occurs, the ViveVRcompositor is the only program that remains running and actively using CPU, requiring me to shut it down in the task manager. When the display error occurs, the only fix is to completely restart the headset and steamVR, thus interrupting whatever game session I was in. Maddeningly, this error seems to occur completely randomly, and with no indication to what might cause it. At most I've gone three weeks without it occurring. But over the last two days I've had it occur four times. Each within 10, 20, 5, and 90 minutes of restarting. I can no longer end a game because I want to, I end a game because my f**king headset freezes and I have to quit. I've had it occur when the game's framerate hitched, and I've had it while games were running smoothly. It's occurred no matter whether I have any extra programs running, or whether the only programs running are the essentials - steam, steamVR, and the vive console. It's occurred while the headset was hot, and it's occurred while the headset is relatively cool. I've updated all the firmware, tried reinstalling the vive software, updating graphics drivers, reinstalling/validating steamvr. I'm lost as to what could cause this. I can't isolate the what might be the problem. So I'm asking here for some developer help. With their help, hopefully I can provide enough information to figure out a fix. Headset is Cosmos Elite OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v5 @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) BaseBoard Product E3 PRO GAMING V5 Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Driver Version Please, let me know what info you might need to help diagnose and fix this problem.
  3. I just received my Cosmos Elite today. Set it up and found the Vive app and Steam VR app is upside down. Tracking seems correct, it's just the display that's wrong. Desktop mirror shows correct way up. I've gone through numerous attempts at fixing, such as setting resets and reinstalls. I've tried updating my graphics drivers and headset drivers. Tried different display ports and different monitor set ups. Using a Nvidia GTX 1070 4GB with latest drivers as of 25/11/2020. Also using win7 and i'm aware they're ending support soon. But I saw issues from april with w10 users having the same issue. Is there some kind of override setting I can use to force the display to flip? That seems like a simple solution if it's possible. Issue trace number is 20201125062652
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