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  1. So I attached a screen shot of the one I have. I got it here https://www.vive.com/us/setup/pc-vr/ https://www.vive.com/us/setup/ Through that one I just formatted and reinstalled 2 days ago?
  2. Does the vive pro full have eye tracking? If not why does it install Sranipal? At this point then it is just software running in the back for what particular reason?
  3. I discover after buying a cosmos and trying to post a game to vive port, that apparently vive will NOT post a game unless it works with the vive. So Now I find I got to buy another VR headset to solve this problem. Had I known you could not post a game to vive port without a vive...(cosmos is not accepted) then I would have not put my money into the cosmos. So now I got to test my computer... Ooh lucky me Vive has some software... and this is what I get. File not found... Does anyone know where it says " to submit a game to vive port it requires htc vive itself?" I haven't managed to find that yet.
  4. Format: PNG/JPGSize: 316 px W x 554 px H, < 35 MB This is the size required, and the information que reads ... The bottom 32% 178 px of your portrait hero should be reserved... So is this portrait 316x554 or is it 316x376 ?
  5. Did you solve your problem? the latest of 4.25 has the cosmos listed in its own category when you select mapping inputs. No need to try to match with the Vive.
  6. I am looking for a couple of people who would like to donate a little time play testing a vr game. I developed it on the Cosmos , but have done my best to include other htc control systems. If you are interested in testing a small arcade like game please respond here. I can then give you my discord server and we can go from there. Thanks.
  7. apparently going to vive port ends the tutorial... at least that is what it said... And thank you for your response.
  8. ya had to do a reinstall and this tutorial inside origin is starting to drive me nuts...so how do we turn it off? I couldn't find it in settings.
  9. Right I get an update and now my headset won't track... What is going on here? Do I have to reconfigure my room ... AGAIN?
  10. Ok I have managed to reproduce this issue, with intent. It goes like this. I play a game, set the head set down for a couple minutes, return and put the head set on and it is all about this issue. Seems pretty straight forwards, although one small detail I only realized this morning... I am setting it down outside the play area on a desk top. If I set it down in the play area, I don't get this issue. So I would guess, the boolean, or more then likely the switch, is having issues recognizing the play area, as it likes to drag the play area around with the headset, while I am looking around in the play area.
  11. Title says it all... but really every time I want to use this thing I gotta reboot my computer and hope for the best? What are the causes of this? Why does it happen every time I set my headset down? How do we fix it?
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