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  1. Right I get an update and now my headset won't track... What is going on here? Do I have to reconfigure my room ... AGAIN?
  2. Ok I have managed to reproduce this issue, with intent. It goes like this. I play a game, set the head set down for a couple minutes, return and put the head set on and it is all about this issue. Seems pretty straight forwards, although one small detail I only realized this morning... I am setting it down outside the play area on a desk top. If I set it down in the play area, I don't get this issue. So I would guess, the boolean, or more then likely the switch, is having issues recognizing the play area, as it likes to drag the play area around with the headset, while I am looking around in the play area.
  3. Title says it all... but really every time I want to use this thing I gotta reboot my computer and hope for the best? What are the causes of this? Why does it happen every time I set my headset down? How do we fix it?
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