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  1. My Vive Cosmos Elite works flawlessly on my desktop. On my laptop, however, I don't get any video through the headset. The motion tracking works just fine, and I'm up to date on all my drivers. All the ports I've used for VR go directly to the RTX 2080, I haven't used the others at all. I don't have a Mini DisplayPort, but I do have a USB-C port, USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port. I can't stand the UI on that site, and the specs weren't helpful for what ports are actually hooked up to the RTX 2080; I made this diagram to help you out. In terms of trial and error, I've tried an Insignia USB-C to DisplayPort adapter, but this hasn't worked. Is there another DisplayPort to USB-C cable that works? Otherwise, what might you recommend? It's a shame, I have a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter on-hand, but I can't use it with this laptop. Thank you
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