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  1. Thank you for all advice, I guess I see what happens. I see no change at all over a few hours testing it. Still needs to buy a new for the kids anyway, can´t give a broken one, (ex wife would get angry...) so they have two as long as it works, and IF it breaks they probably got tired of it or I see what repair cost is then, it is usable for now and still awesome. And Tradera is banned in this house, too expensive in this case.
  2. Thank you for the help! Will the damage stop where it is right now? Whats your best guess? Seller did not want to take it back. So I talked to support at Tradera (auction site) and they told me that they didn't interfere between seller and buyer, if I had a problem I should call the police they said... That might work, but what are the chance police investigate it at all and then a court might handle it in a year or two... I got 20% back from seller, that is something and better then nothing but you might guess what I feel about it.
  3. Sorry for delay but it´s the kids Christmas gift and they has not left the house until now. Took a better picture and one of the lens. I can see some movement behind the black spot so it is not dead but very dark. I tried to wiggle the headset, but it is impossible for me to tell where it moves.
  4. Thanks for answers, you mean it is the LCD (like the pixels) that is burnt? Or is it the lens that is possible to change liks Fink said? It looks almost exactly like VibrantNebula pic #2. I did sent a message to seller as soon as I got it connected and discovered the problem (last week) but no answer yet. /Chris
  5. I just bought a second hand Vive Cosmos. "Newer used" on Tradera (Ebay in Sweden) It was unpacked but not much used, looked brand new to me. But there is a small black mark with a few white pixels on the left lens, like a ant that's on your glasses, real annoying but might be tolerable... You can see that it not total black, some pixels moving behind i bright light. Looks like burnt plastic... Seems to work fine otherwise (first VR I ever tried and I only got a GTX 1050) Any idea of what it can be? Why has it occurred? Will it get worse? How can I fix i
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