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  1. ¿Puedes saber de qué país eres? o ¿dónde vives?
  2. If you don't like it, you can return it depending on where you buy it. The next thing is, you already have a quest if you are not interested in htc because you enter the forum you have reviews of the device and the possibility of refund is you. Here we are to help and make the best of it.
  3. Seeing what the ceo of htc mentions that you will have new viewers would wait.
  4. You can upload to some type of video of moments not use it but it would be interesting to see it in action.
  5. You killed me I don't know what to tell me doesn't happen to me that works well equally htc is constantly updating.
  6. Where you can download a 3d model of vive cosmos controllers (.blende, .fbx, .obj, .dea,.max) Any of those. It is to be applied in blender for development. Any ideas?
  7. Nor does it come out by double clicking (button lives) on the right control? (Imagen) Just in case, enter the console and install in developer mode openxr or beta program. Option 1) Console-> Advanced-> Beta program takes a while to download and the viewer will restart. 2) Console-> advanced-> private test program-> enter code (OPENXRBETADEV00) Without the parentheses. The same as the above, it takes a little while to download and the viewer will restart. You CANNOT have both at the same time. @C.T.
  8. Good the room configuration is constantly normal and annoying already said before but to htc I do not know if he is interested in solving the problem. The passthrough camera you also have to configure in windows 10 in settings -> privacy -> camera. Then in vive console sorry to leave it in Spanish. Go to live console -> settings -> camera.
  9. Sorry to use the google translator. Hi Woofzilla. Well let's start with discarding some things, do you think? 1- Did you try to install the viewer on another pc?. With any other configuration example amd cpu? 2-I notice you tried the usb drivers, but the chipset one? Be careful with Windows 10 updates since the drivers are constantly updated but under Windows in charge. (can be disabled) Install drivers manually. 3-Important fact to see cables if you use a box with a charger and separate cables or the compact linkbox ?. I would recommend you to try that first by turning on
  10. @KristinaBanana Not everything is technical support. @Tindelltech You tried to put in origin configuration I leave image. You have camera options and also in the console-cameras and option "see the real environment when the limit of the game zone is crossed".
  11. Hello the side button is to restart the hdmi. But if you want to see the passthrough you have to go to w10 configuration in cameras and activate it. Reconfiguring the room has made me sick. I also notice the blank screen but it is solved I also see that the steamhome is a mess.
  12. It's a Windows 10 problem. My best advice is to format the pc if you come from a very old version of w10 as 18xx and go straight to 20h2. If you can't solve it, Success !!
  13. Well the first thing sorry for using the google translator. The first thing you have? If you use amd ryzen I will tell you that you have the same problem that I have or that I had and it is the chipset driver and usb drivers. You can install it again but disable or google "How to prevent Windows 10 Update from updating drivers". You can also notice that it installs or recognizes the usb and then turns off look at it in device management.
  14. Well the thing changed a lot in blender apparently the colors already represent their real color, good work!!!
  15. Pero tampoco se pudo utilizar el usb-c para conectarlo en modo de enlace directo con el gpu.
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