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  1. Question the cameras of htc cosmos "standard controls with light", do they work with color or grayscale cameras? and if it is possible to increase the iso or hz of black and white camera.
  2. That's how it is!. This is terrible and the beta is no longer live slow. Terrible for starting the viewer and calibrating the environment. It is getting worse and worse.
  3. I don't want to bother anyone but does someone taste what they get? It is worse than the previous one, now not even the (beat saber) , I get 190ms of latency, it freezes and returns in rectangles, the beginning is not quite right either. The steam home when using the interface vive origin does not appear and the same problems as before ?. DO NOT USE!
  4. Confirm your problem, I get something similar more than double the resolution.
  5. Solution that must be had for it to work: 1) magnetic controls. 2) More compact viewfinder use free form lenses. 3) surely not compatible with htc at this point since they take out a frankenstein as vive pro 2 and cosmos a near disaster completely at an unreal price. Surely both the price and the spare parts issue through the roof my next viewer will surely be wmr already I am never going to buy an oculus. Complete disappointment with my first htc cosmos viewer that apparently after about 1 year and a half its departure, users continue to struggle with patches or it is the tracking or it is the chromatic distortions or software problems with the null intention of marking a roadmap clear to the user solving each problem of the viewer one by one. Thanks Htc! Without offending your workers!
  6. The "ipad" thing is normal with cosmos, in my opinion, it is super sensitive only with the movement of the nose it is enough to make it out of adjustment. It would be good to have in htc cosmos something similar to the issue of resolutions such as htc vive pro 2 would be possible. Also htc cosmos has some chromatic distortion problems. I leave here an analysis of the viewfinder in general but where the lenses are, the result is terrible. Try to fix this and I'll be happy! Htc has to take into account the change of spare parts for cosmos and a change of display and improved lenses. Since htc vive pro 2 continues to have problems with the lenses as well. My question is not that htc has to kill: 1) "maracas" and lighthouse controls. 2) Kill the damn fresnel once and for all and the god beam and distortions that go with it. 3) Reasonable price. Solution that I know works: to problem. 1) magnetic controls. 2) More compact viewfinder use free form lenses. 3) surely not compatible with htc this point since they put out a frankenstein like vive pro 2 and cosmos a near disaster completely.
  7. This fatal! now steamvr gives errors 217. The start of the htc logo and Origin, passthrough Everyone has problems, when touching the right button to start Origin lents flashes and the passthrough all mixed also flashes.
  8. Inglés Today I will test how well it works. Yesterday I tested with alyx and the tracking worked really well.
  9. From time to time a little glance and some answer are not bad for the people of cosmos in addition to solving the current problems, in addition to the welcome with the htc logo that is making flickers and it is impossible to enter (htc lives Origin)! . So I was wondering if there would be any changes to the user interface.
  10. I report almost the same issue with 210 and all updated w10 2070s and ryzen 3900x. Apparently if it works but it is rare it has rare artifacts as well and very, very rare controls. When working with the traking it is irregular more than normal in the movement. Also notice a headache in games that do not require much "ragnarock vr" graphics note that the latency remains at values of 10 to 12 ms.
  11. Sorry I was confused. Did you mean if we would have a Vive Origin update for cosmos?
  12. Sorry if it was misunderstood. 1-Update interface in cosmos vive lents and a current problem is that it disappears or is not properly focused, it is out of date. Problems. 2- is it feasible to connect the vive cosmos with usb-c to the direct gpu ?. Increased resolution apparently in steam appears a rescued .txt to a percentage I drink it much better with data loss artifacts. The question is htc vive cosmos had in itself more resolution?
  13. Well apparently I have problems with the vive lents and a problem that I no longer know how to solve. I will try to explain a problem, when I want to be in the center of the beginning I appear as on the side, making me out of phase in the games. I already border the room and doing it again I do not frame. Another problem rather than a problem, a question is it possible to increase the resolution of the viewer without entering steamvr ?, since I notice that it is viable but it gives me the feeling that htc with its proprietary cable does not give it and distortions or losses appear.
  14. At some point it will update live lents. I find it old-fashioned and slow.? Since many of us were disappointed with cosmos and with the new htc live pro 2, at least one update wouldn't hurt.
  15. ¡No Frank! se puede descartar mediante la conexión en otro PC y aparte de windows el problema?. Algún tipo de registro de Windows puede impedir su uso adecuado. Vea si la luz de la caja no sale en el momento de la actualización.
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