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  1. I've sold mine and picked up a quest and adapted the vive deluxe audio strap to it. Much better experience so far and much cheaper.
  2. I have an RTX 2060 (mobile) and I have the same issue, Steam Motion smoothing does nothing regardless of what you do to the settings. Vive Console has "Motion Compensation" but there is such terrible artifacting it is worse than having a low fps. I have no idea why my performance is so bad with this headset.
  3. Hi, If i enable motion compensation through the vive console the fluidity of movements increases but leaves horrendous artifacts all over the screen making it unusable. If i enable motion smoothing in steam VR it does not work, though the option is there the frame rate does not become locked to 45fps and additional frames are not injected. Essentially the headset is lacking a major feature that every other headset uses as standard, adding this to the dreadful hand tracking it's really terrible! I sincerely hope we get some support for these problems. Does anyo
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