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  1. Thank you for your help @zzy -- the whole process you outlined is flawless! I was previously not using the SteamVR plugin (instead relying on Unity's built-in OpenVR support, which was rather limited), so I was trying to get Unity's own WebCamTexture to work for providing the camera feed. As it turns out, WebCamTexture had a bunch of problems (most important of which is that it exclusively locks the camera). Thanks for pointing me towards the SteamVR TrackedCamera API!
  2. The Hand Tracking SDK requires the headset's back-facing camera to be enabled in SteamVR settings. However, this stops Unity from being able to access the same device camera as a WebCamTexture when I import the Unity plugin into my project. Is there a workaround to get camera frames as textures, either through the plugin itself (since obviously the plugin initialized it) or some other means, perhaps my own Unity plugin? (I'm ok with having to write C++ code, I just don't know what camera API to use to be compatible with the Hand Tracking SDK.) Purpose: I want to simulate an Augmented Reality setup with hand tracking, mimicking a (very crude) HoloLens. I'm using the original HTC Vive.
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