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  1. I upgraded from the cosmos to the cosmos elite but i would suggest saving yourself some money on the vive wands and picking up index controllers instead. All around better controllers that actually have joy sticks, unlike the vive wands. Navigating Fallout was a mess with the wands using the built in track pads to navigate the menus.
  2. Running MSI laptop Geforce RTX2060 Intel Core i7-9750H CPU@2.60Hz (12 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Ram 32Gig 78 gigs available (out of 450g) SSD 780 gigs available on HDD Generally run 5-6 ms Did a factory restore a week ago, my laptop and VR games ran smoothly. But after a period of a couple of days, I'll come back to wanting to play VR and my frame rate is complete shit. My drivers are all up to date a crossed the board. Everything is as up to date as can be. I'd like an explination for why after a period of a few days to a few weeks, do I constantly keep coming back to frame rate issues when I have a VR ready laptop with no issues running these games under normal conditions? No other game has issues on my laptop but the ones that run through YOUR headset. By the way, this is a pissed off customer that fell for your bullshit with the cosmos and actually paid MORE than an index to fix YOUR issues by having to buy baystations SEPERATELY, the Pro face plate SEPERATELY, and the vive wands SEPERATELY. I'm at my wits end with your hardware. If this cannot be resolved, I'm selling your piece of shit VR and I'm getting an index. Edit: I'm not opted into any betas on vive or steam.
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