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  1. Another hard lesson that I learned I forgot to share: I eventually figured out that you can physically remove the ear pieces without damaging the headset, they basically just clip on and off. You have to be gentle when unclipping them to avoid damaging them. And they connect to the headset via a hidden headphones jack. So if you want to plug in better quality headphones, you are able to do it. I replaced them with a set of wireless headphones that cup over my ears but after a month I put the hanging ear pieces back in because as hot and sweaty as you'll get playing exercise programs like beat sabre or thrill of the fight, the skin on the sides of your head will thank you when you go back to hanging ear pieces. The hanging ear pieces only SEEM like a dumb idea, until you're using something else.
  2. Hello, I'm sort of a noob to VR technology in general. I chose to get the Vive Cosmos Elite as my very first VR. After doing lots of research in how to get started in VR and to figure out what I'd like to experience, etc. I ended up also getting a pair of Valve Index Controllers to use instead of the vive controllers that came with my Vive Cosmos elite kit (VR helmet, 2 base stations, 2 VR controllers). And after messing around with the technology, I decided to experiment with making the helmet wireless so that I can enjoy beat saber a little more, so I purchased the wireless adapter that comes with a PCIE card and a tracker that it communicates with. I ran into some issues with all this technology as a beginner. I wasn't able to crank up the graphics very well because I had an older computer with a 1070ti. I also had serious hand tracking problems where my right hand while playing half life alyx kept drifting away from me when I was in a certain spot in my play area. I also had to go down that long rabbit hole of trying to figure out exactly what I need in a gaming PC to be able to play half life alyx on max graphics settings without FPS issues. I have no idea how to tell what my exact FPS is while in game, but I know that I got fps issues if playing half life alyx makes me feel like I want to throw up afterwards or if there's an obvious studder in the frame rate. I eventually solved both these problems, but when I tried talking to vive customer support via the chat and they were completely useless in helping me figure out what I'm doing wrong. They were telling me that I need to put a blanket over my 65inch LGCX that I use as a PC monitor, purchase body trackers, use dongles, etc to fix the hand tracking problems, and they wouldn't tell me exactly what specs I need to specifically run half life alyx on max settings. I solved my FPS problems by getting a PC with the following specs and I have no FPS issues. My GPU sits at 70c and my CPU sits at 45c when I'm in the thick of things on half with life alyx with graphics settings set to the highest fidelity. These are the same temps they are at when playing Doom Eternal on max settings in 4k: CPU: i910850k(with the Kraken liquid cooler)--------RAM: 64GB DDR4 Dual channel Ram----------GPU: TUF RTX 24GB 3090----------PSU: 1000 watt'ish(can't remember my wattage lol but I know it's at least 1000 watts.) And I have two SSD cards that I store my OS and everything else on. As for the hand tracking problem, I solved it by finding the correct placement of my base station. I know this is some pretty basic stuff on how to get your VR stuff to work right, but wanted to leave it here for any other VR noobs like me who are having a hard time figuring the basics out just like I did and are browsing this forum for advice. Below is a link to a picture I made showing what I did wrong with base station placement that caused my hand tracking problems and what I did to fix it. Keep in mind that I have perfect hand tracking without any extra trackers and without having to put a blanket over my TV. Also I solved another problem: If you are going to spend the money to get the wireless adapter to make your Vive Cosmos Elite headset wireless, then make sure you get TWO of the battery packs. They both have a couple hours worth of life in them and it's always useful to have an extra charged battery incase you forget to charge one. Another thing I did to improve the performance of my base stations is that I take the microfiber rag and spray bottle that I purchase as a kit at an electronics store and clean my LGCX with, to clean the face of the base stations if you accidentally get finger prints on them in the process of wall mounting them. https://ibb.co/L547NKz NOTE: The red circles indicate my base station placement. Also when I placed the base stations in the "after" configuation, I then #1 pointed them directly at each other, and then pointed them both down as far as I could to get them to be pointing directly at the center of my play area, and they are both mounted on the walls at exactly 7 feet.
  3. However, I found this on vive's website: https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos-elite/category_howto/can-different-versions-of-base-stations-be-used.html I think I may have been misunderstanding what you were saying, C.T. From what I understand now(that I didn't before), is that the incompatibility comes when trying to use 1.0 and 2.0 base stations together, but 2.0 base stations are compatable with my cosmos elite. so bottom line, I will either have to do ONLY 1.0 base stations, or ONLY 2.0 base stations....but the only reason I should spend the extra money to get 2.0 base stations(since I already have two of the 1.0 base stations) is to either: a. replace the 1.0 base stations that I have ...or... b. I want to use more than one base station to improve tracking because for some reason you can't use more than two 1.0 base stations even if I purchased a third 1.0 base station. am I understanding this correctly?
  4. Here I copied and pasted what I read on steam's website: Valve Index Base Stations are compatible with any Headset featuring support for SteamVR Version 2.0 Tracking including the Valve Index Headset and HTC Vive Pro Headset. Valve Index Base Stations can be used with any Controllers featuring support for SteamVR Version 2.0 Tracking including Valve Index Controllers and HTC Vive Pro Controllers. Valve Index Base Stations are not compatible with the original standard edition of HTC Vive products. Here's the link where I read it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1059570/Valve_Index_Base_Station/ to be clear, I don't have the vive pro headset, I have the cosmos elite headset. is that a problem?
  5. well that's fantastic! I'm already using valve index controllers because the vive controllers suck in comparison. Yes I did get the full cosmos elite package. I even have a wireless adapter and 2 power banks. I do have some tracking issues with my 2.0 base stations. I tried covering up my big screen tv that I use as a monitor because of it being a reflective service and it helped but it didn't completely fix my tracking problems. I'm hoping that if I got 4 of those 2.0 base stations that I can put one on each corner of my play area, thus giving my controllers direct line of sight no matter how my body is oriented. Am I thinking correctly?
  6. I have the vive cosmos elite now and I'm loving it. I had no idea it was compatible with 2.0 base stations. even customer service was telling me I can only use 1.0 base stations on my cosmos elite. If what you say is true, does that mean that if I were to get 4 of the 2.0 base stations, that I can use them all at once just like a valve index?
  7. After screwing around with the wireless kit for the cosmos elite(wireless kit came in the mail today), I discovered that the headphones that are a part of the cosmos elite headset are not LITERALLY a part of the headset! It only looked that way thanks to some very good cable management engineering by the vive engineers! Just like any other pair of headphones, they are connected to two wires, that are connected to a single wire, that plugs into the VR headset's hidden headphones jack inside the VR helmet. You can only see this hidden headphones jack after removing the facial interface. After installing and setting up all the hardware needed to turn my vive cosmos elite into a wireless headset.....AND.....carefully removing the headphones that came with the headset.....I put the headset on my head just like one always does when getting ready to use it. I then put on my wireless gaming headphones. I then flip up the visor so I can see my computer screen. I then left click on the sound icon on the bar at the bottom of my PC screen, and manually select my wireless gaming headset, and BAM! I am now using the vive cosmos elite, with the wirless kit.......while at the same time using my wireless gaming headset! The sound quality is SOOOO much better and imersive! I thought half life alyx was scary AF before, not it's twice as scary! I can't wait to play all the other zombie games on VR! So the answer to my question is YES you CAN do this! And it works GREAT!!! Thank you Vive engineers for making my vive headset flexible enough for me to still be able to use my favorite gaming headset along with the cosmos elite!
  8. The only thing I don't like about the cosmos elite is the fact that the headphones hover next to my ears. They work and do their job just fine, but I'm used to the feel of my wireless gaming headset that I've been using. Is it possible to use my wireless gaming headset along with my cosmos elite? The reason I'm bringing this up is because the wireless kit for the cosmos elite will be delivered at my house in a few days, thus making my VR headset wireless, and was curious if I can use the cosmos elite along with my wireless headset. And yes, I know that there's already a mic built into my VR headset, I just prefer the feel of headphones covering my ears, instead of just hanging next to them. Here's the link to the wireless headset I have: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/steelseries-arctis-7-wireless-dts-headphone-gaming-headset-for-pc-and-playstation-4-black/6285956.p?skuId=6285956
  9. Just purchased the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite as my very first headset! WOOT. Was going to be the oculus but then there was that issue with facebook so I cancelled that preorder....then it was going to be the valve index but I wasn't gonna get it till sometime next year so I cancelled that pre order. I ordered the HTC today and folks in chat said I should have it around wednesday next week! Finally, something that I can purchase in 2020 at normal price and not through a scalper. I see a lot of valve index customers getting an HTC headset this year because of how oculus and valve index are doing things lol. Anyone else here get an HTC headset for the same reason?
  10. nevermind, I didn't know there was a "contact vive via chat" feature on vive's website. I was able to get all my questions answered. Here are the answers I got to these questions incase anyone else has these: 1. Vive did have a similar back order issue but things are back to normal. It's normal(before covid) type of waiting when purchasing htc vive vr headsets directly from the vive website. 2. yes i can use valve index knuckle controllers 3. 1.0 base stations are not compatable with 2.0 base stations. 2.0 base stations will not work with valve index cosmos elite vr headsets, which is why it comes with 1.0 base stations. 4. the customer service rep said that I can purchase leather face cushions separately, but the htc vive cosmos elite COMES with leather cushions so there's no need for me to get it separately 5. there is a 20 degree difference in FOV. under normal circumstances, I would get the valve index headset over the htc vive cosmos. however, since i won't be able to get a valve index kit until SOMETIME NEXT YEAR, I've decided to purchase an HTC vive cosmos elite as my first vr, and then I'll consider trying out the valve index vr headset next year if they ever become available enough where I don't have to wait half a year via pre order to get one.
  11. With it being 2020, I was originally going to get an oculus quest 2 as my very first VR headset, but then due to some things I didn't like about it, I decided I wanted a valve index....but after learning that unless I want to pay 2,200.00 for it on amazon, the best way to get the index at 999.00 is to place an order on steam and hope that I'll be able to get my hands on it sometime December, January 2021 or even later than that, but I was able to get a pair of knuckle controllers. And the base stations, you can only get via getting the valve index kit because the base stations are NEVER in stock. I was thinking of getting an HTC vive headset, only to learn there are multiple versions. I need help deciding whether or not to go HTC as my first VR experience, and here are some questions I have for it. These questions revolve around the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite because I'm under the impression that's the latest one Vive has right now. 1. If I purchase an HTC Vive Cosmos Elite kit(VR helmet, controllers and two base stations), is it going to take several months before I get it like the valve index? 2. Is it true that I can use the valve index knuckle controllers on the HTC vive? I already believe this is true based on what I learned on steam. Me asking this here is just my way of double checking. 3. Purchasing the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite kit on vive's website for 899.00, it looks like it comes with 1.0 base stations. I've seen 2.0 base stations on amazon for 199.00. Is there any reason why I should care wether or not my base stations are 1.0 or 2.0? What's the difference between them anyway? I'm asking this because I'm trying to decide if I'm better off just purchasing the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset by itself, since I already have a pair of valve index controllers on hand, and I should just go to amazon and get a couple of 2.0 base stations. 4. What exact accessories do I need to get on vive's website to modify the face interface stuff to swap out the foam for the leather so I can keep my VR headset sanitary? I've figured out how this works so far with oculus quest and index, but have yet to learn how this works with the HTC vive. 5. Other than the fact that the valve index has 20 degrees extra worth of FOV, what else would I be missing out on if I got an HTC vive cosmos elite instead of the valve index?
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