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  1. Why does SRanipal force you to update? There should be an option to disable auto-update as this can potentially break things last minute for important projects. Why is there no changelog? Why is in-game eye calibration broken in the latest version? Why are there no archives for older versions? Why is there no bug tracker? Why is there eye data v2 rather than just update v1? Now having included the tongue tracking it’s still called v2 rather than v3, why the inconsistency? Why does pupil data etc. not work on v2 when TobiiXR is installed but it does work on v1? Why does expression data only work in Unreal but not Unity? Why does combined pupil data not work? It’s such a simple calculation. And if you think it’s redundant then just delete the useless property. Same goes for convergence distance. None of this is documented, you’re just supposed to figure it out on your own or through the community forums. You can get both v1 and v2 data regardless of which version is selected, so then what does selecting a version actually do? Why is the system button broken? Why is the SteamVR settings window blank sometimes? On multiple systems, not an isolated case. Some of these may be excusable but in my opinion there seriously needs to be a change in the way things are run here. @Tony PH Lin
  2. In my case it didn't prompt me since SR_Runtime wasn't running yet. It updated automatically upon launch of SR_Runtime for me hence I needed the firewall.
  3. @Djangi do you also have issues with retrieving the pupil size? Pupil size is always 0 now, even on whilst it was working before.
  4. VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.2.0 is also the latest version we know of before We will now try to uninstall and install and try to prevent it from auto-updating using firewall.
  5. Also tried this on two different systems now with two different headsets and the results are the same. I wish we could downgrade to the previous version of SRanipal because this is seriously limiting our ability to develop in our research lab.
  6. These issues only started since a couple of days ago, not sure if it's related but it started happening soon after installing SRWorksRuntime: - SteamVR settings window is now blank - Eye calibration triggered from Unity now gets stuck on blue background after loading - System button on controllers no longer pop up system menu I've tried switching to and from beta branch, didn't make a difference. All files got verified for integrity by Steam. Also tried "Remove all SteamVR USB Devices" to no avail. Launching SteamVR by opening vrdashboard.exe fixes the settings window and system button; eye calibration works when called from system menu but it still gets stuck when called from within Unity. Uninstalling SRWorks didn't help and pupil size and various other parameters are at a constant zero. Just tried on a brand new Vive Pro Eye headset and uninstalled all VR-related components and then ran the ViveProSetup.exe however I still run into the exact same issues somehow. Scanned system with SFC /scannow but no corrupt files were found.
  7. Vive, why isn't there a changelog anywhere? Apparently there's tongue tracking now:
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