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  1. @Tony PH Lin Yes I've entered the download mode. After pressing, it just goes back to the same boot process. I've also tried factory resetting. Pls help
  2. @JustinVive Hi, thanks for response. The device is Focus. The system version was 4.0 (rom 1.5.1405.1) Yes, the device was working normally before the installation of the app. Also the app works well with another Vive Focus with updated system version 5.0 (rom 1.69.1405.1). It is a developed app using Unity 2019 with wave sdk 3.1.94. Which smoothly worked on a Vive Focus with updated rom. The booting loop continuous even after the reboot option. The screen shows vive logo and sometimes goes upto the main viveport menu (when connected to power/pc) then it power offs and restarts. I've also tried factory reset from the recovery menu. The issue still persists. Can a newer rom installation could change the problem?
  3. @VibrantNebula @Cotta @jagibson @Jad Hello guys, I need some serious help here. Vive Focus is boot looping after a newer installation of developing app. I can only access the boot loader menu and tried factory resetting from it. The system version was 4.0. Is there any way that Vive Focus can be reset/reinstalled or updated? I heard something like flashing using microSD card. Please help!!
  4. @Tony PH Lin The issue is on Vive Focus. I can't go past the booting process. I've also tried factory resetting from boot menu. Is there anything else I can do?
  5. @Tony PH Lin @Corvus I have the same problem. Vive is continuously looping the boot process.
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