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  1. @shomik Hello Shomik, Please could you let us know if you were successful in getting data at 120 Hz? If yes, please could you let us know how? We have been struggling with this issue and need help with same. Thank you!
  2. @imarin18 Hello, Thank you for your comments, we have been trying to use the two scripts for getting data at 120 Hz but our unity freezes when we try to implement the solutions above. Please could you elaborate on your second point, what do you mean by adding another counter in the while loop? Thanks!
  3. Hello Forum, We are a group of students using HTC Vive Pro eye for Eye Tracking as part of our academic project. We need to get the eye tracking data at its maximum capture frequency, having tried the following methods we still fail to capture data at 120Hz, 1. We tried to set the Application.targetFrameRate to more than the default targetFrameRate but it did not work as the number of records did not change. We added it to the start function as in the link below: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application-targetFrameRate.html 2. We tried implementing threads as mention
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