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  1. Hello, Personally, I think the way this has been handled by HTC is pretty disgusting. I once owned a HTC Desire phone many years ago, and after not exactly been pleased with the purchase, I vowed never to own a HTC product again. I did however get "hoodwinked" by the allure of the Cosmos and was an early adopter, I actually bought one just a week after release. I feel like we have been completely boned by this whole fiasco. There should absolutely be an upgrade path offered to original Cosmos owners to the Elite. Sadly, as is evident by HTC's complete lack of response to the many thre
  2. There should absolutely be an upgrade path available to original Cosmos owners. I first dipped into VR last year after trying the Oculus Rift. I was immediately hooked and wanted to invest more money in a better system. The Cosmos was just around the corner and on paper, it ticked all of the boxes. What a woeful mistake that was! The games support in the beginning was non-existent, I had Skyrim VR, No Mans Sky and Fallout VR, all worked flawlessly on the Rift. There was no controller support for the Cosmos so I had to try to get it working, spent hours in forums trying fixes. Eventually,
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